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      Age-Dependent Metastatic Spread and Survival: Cancer of Unknown Primary as a Model 

      Hemminki, K.; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Tsilidis, K. K.; Sundquist, K.; Ji, J. (2016)
      In order to describe a novel approach for the clinical study of metastases, we provide here age-specific incidence and survival data for cancer of unknown primary (CUP). Metastases in various organs are found at CUP ...
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      Cancer prevalence and mortality in centenarians: A systematic review 

      Pavlidis, Nicholas; Stanta, G.; Audisio, R. A. (2012)
      Life expectancy has dramatically expanded, the global population has aged unprecedentedly and the number of centenarians has significantly increased. The analysis of autopsy series, cancer registries data, vital statistics ...
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      Cavitating squamous cell lung carcinoma-distinct entity or not? Analysis of radiologic, histologic, and clinical features 

      Pentheroudakis, George; Kostadima, Lida; Fountzilas, George; Kalogera-Fountzila, Anna; Klouvas, G. D.; Kalofonos, H. P.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2004)
      Introduction: Patients with cavitating squamous lung carcinoma (cSLC) are believed to harbor aggressive, chemoresistant disease with distinct features and fare poorly. We retrospectively analyzed radiologic, histologic, ...
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      EHealth services for the european reference network on rare anaemias (eENERCA) 

      Antoniou, Zinonas C.; Schiza, Eirini C.; Neokleous, Kleanthis C.; Angastiniotis, Michael A.; Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Schizas, Christos N. (2015)
      This paper presents an electronic registry system for the purposes of the eENERCA for rare congenital conditions that require lifelong follow up and treatment. The main objective of the eENERCA project focusses on the ...
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      Low-grade mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma: A retrospective analysis of 97 patients by the Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group (HeCOG) 

      Papaxoinis, G.; Fountzilas, George; Rontogianni, D.; Dimopoulos, M. A.; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Tsatalas, C.; Pectasides, Dimitrios; Xiros, N.; Economopoulos, T. (2008)
      Background: The aim was to examine characteristics and treatment results of patients with mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. Patients and methods: Epidemiological and clinical features of 97 ...
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      Metastatic breast cancer with liver metastases: A registry analysis of clinicopathologic, management and outcome characteristics of 500 women 

      Pentheroudakis, George; Fountzilas, George; Bafaloukos, Dimitrios; Koutsoukou, V.; Pectasides, Dimitrios; Skarlos, Dimosthenis V.; Samantas, E.; Kalofonos, H. P.; Gogas, H.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2006)
      Introduction. Breast cancer patients developing liver metastases have traditionally been considered to make up a poor prognosis group with median survival rates of less than 6 months. We retrospectively analysed clinicopathologic ...
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      Variable clinical presentation of an MUC1 mutation causing medullary cystic kidney disease type 1 

      Bleyer, A. J.; Kmoch, S.; Antignac, C.; Robins, V.; Kidd, K.; Kelsoe, J. R.; Hladik, G.; Klemmer, P.; Knohl, S. J.; Scheinman, S. J.; Vo, N.; Santi, A.; Harris, A.; Canaday, O.; Weller, N.; Hulick, P. J.; Vogel, K.; Rahbari-Oskoui, F. F.; Tuazon, J.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D.; Somers, D.; Megarbane, A.; Kimmel, P. L.; Sperati, C. J.; Orr-Urtreger, A.; Ben-Shachar, S.; Waugh, D. A.; Mcginn, S.; Bleyer Jr., A. J.; Hodaňová, K.; Vyletal, P.; Živná, M.; Hart, T. C.; Hart, P. S. (2014)
      Background and objectives The genetic cause of medullary cystic kidney disease type 1 was recently identified as a cytosine insertion in the variable number of tandem repeat region of MUC1 encoding mucoprotein-1 (MUC1), a ...