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      Carrier dynamics in Β-Ga2O3 nanowires 

      Othonos, A.; Zervos, Matthew; Christofides, C. (2010)
      Carrier dynamics have been investigated in Β-Ga2O 3 nanowires (NWs) grown by the vapor-liquid-solid mechanism, using ultrashort transient absorption spectroscopy in conjunction with time-correlating single photon counting ...
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      Defect states of chemical vapor deposition grown GaN nanowires: Effects and mechanisms in the relaxation of carriers 

      Tsokkou, D.; Othonos, A.; Zervos, Matthew (2009)
      Carrier relaxation in GaN nanowires, grown by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition, via direct nitridation of Ga with NH3 at 950 °C has been investigated in detail. Differential absorption measurements reveal a ...
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      Femtosecond carrier dynamics in In 2O 3 nanocrystals 

      Othonos, A.; Zervos, Matthew; Tsokkou, D. (2009)
      We have studied carrier dynamics in In 2O 3 nanocrystals grown on a quartz substrate using chemical vapor deposition. Transient differential absorption measurements have been employed to investigate the relaxation dynamics ...