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      Creating a teacher and software-developer partnership 

      Pollard, J.; Duke, R. (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
      As teachers are the educational experts, if we want to produce software that is both directly relevant to their needs and can be successfully integrated into the classroom, we need to facilitate a strong co-operative working ...
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      A requirements engineering methodology based on natural language syntax and semantics 

      Georgiades, M. G.; Andreou, Andreas S.; Pattichis, Constantinos S. (2005)
      The present paper proposes a methodology for engineering requirements in a precise, comprehensive, understandable and time-saving way based on concepts and principles of Natural Language Syntax and Semantics (NLSS). The ...
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      A three-dimensional requirements elicitation and management decision-making scheme for the development of new software components 

      Andreou, Andreas S.; Zographos, Andreas C.; Papadopoulos, George Angelos (Escola Superior de Tecnologia do Instituto Politecnico de Setubal, 2003)
      Requirements analysis and general management issues within the development process of new software components are addressed in this paper, focusing on factors that result from requirements elictation and significantly ...