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      Environmental evaluation of Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) vehicles 

      Bose, Arnab; Ioannou, Petros A. (2000)
      During the last decade considerable research and development efforts have been devoted to automating vehicles in an effort to improve safety and efficiency of vehicle following. Several designs for automatic vehicle following ...
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      Flexible work arrangements and intentions of unemployed women: Towards a model development 

      Stavrou-Costea, Eleni; Ierodiakonou, Christiana (Affiliation: University of Cyprus, P.O. Box 20537, CY-1678 Nicosia, CyprusCorrespondence Address: Stavrou, E.University of Cyprus, P.O. Box 20537, CY-1678 Nicosia, Cyprusemail: eleni1@ucy.ac.cy, 2008)
      This study extends research on women and employment by exploring the perceptions, attitudes, and intentions of unemployed women towards flexible work arrangements (FWAs). We focus on unemployed women in the far south-eastern ...
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      Infrastructures for online social networking services 

      Datta, Aniruddha; Dikaiakos, Marios D.; Haridi, S.; Iftode, L. (2012)
      The rapid proliferation of social media, online communities, and collectively produced knowledge resources has accelerated the convergence of technological and social networks, resulting in a dynamic ecosystem of online ...