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      Arginine methylation at histone H3R2 controls deposition of H3K4 trimethylation 

      Kirmizis, Antonis; Santos-Rosa, H.; Penkett, C. J.; Singer, M. A.; Vermeulen, M.; Mann, M.; Bähler, J.; Green, R. D.; Kouzarides, T. (2007)
      Modifications on histones control important biological processes through their effects on chromatin structure. Methylation at lysine 4 on histone H3 (H3K4) is found at the 5′ end of active genes and contributes to ...
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      Challenge of Drosophila melanogaster with Cryptococcus neoformans and role of the innate immune response 

      Apidianakis, Yiorgos; Rahme, L. G.; Heitman, J.; Ausubel, F. M.; Calderwood, S. B.; Mylonakis, E. (2004)
      We found that the ingestion of Cryptococcus neoformans by Drosophila melanogaster resulted in the death of the fly but that the ingestion of Saccharomyces cerevisiae or the nonpathogenic Cryptococcus kuetzingii or Cryptococcus ...
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      Distinct transcriptional outputs associated with mono- and dimethylated histone H3 arginine 2 

      Kirmizis, Antonis; Santos-Rosa, H.; Penkett, C. J.; Singer, M. A.; Green, R. D.; Kouzarides, T. (2009)
      Dimethylation of histone H3 Arg2 (H3R2me2) maintains transcriptional silencing by inhibiting Set1 mediated trimethylation of H3K4. Here we demonstrate that Arg2 is also monomethylated (H3R2me1) in yeast but that its ...
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      Histone H3 tail clipping regulates gene expression 

      Santos-Rosa, H.; Kirmizis, Antonis; Nelson, C.; Bartke, T.; Saksouk, N.; Cote, J.; Kouzarides, T. (2009)
      Induction of gene expression in yeast and human cells involves changes in the histone modifications associated with promoters. Here we identify a histone H3 endopeptidase activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae that may ...
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      iLIR database: A web resource for LIR motif-containing proteins in eukaryotes 

      Jacomin, A. -C; Samavedam, S.; Promponas, Vasilis J.; Nezis, I. P. (2016)
      Atg8-family proteins are the best-studied proteins of the core autophagic machinery. They are essential for the elongation and closure of the phagophore into a proper autophagosome. Moreover, Atg8-family proteins are ...
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      Loss of Nat4 and its associated histone H4 N-terminal acetylation mediates calorie restriction-induced longevity 

      Molina-Serrano, D.; Schiza, V.; Demosthenous, Christis; Stavrou, Emmanouil; Oppelt, J.; Kyriakou, DImitris; Liu, W.; Zisser, G.; Bergler, H.; Dang, W.; Kirmizis, Antonis (2016)
      Changes in histone modifications are an attractive model through which environmental signals, such as diet, could be integrated in the cell for regulating its lifespan. However, evidence linking dietary interventions with ...
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      N-alpha-terminal Acetylation of Histone H4 Regulates Arginine Methylation and Ribosomal DNA Silencing 

      Schiza, V.; Molina-Serrano, D.; Kyriakou, DImitris; Hadjiantoniou, A.; Kirmizis, Antonis (2013)
      Post-translational modifications of histones play a key role in DNA-based processes, like transcription, by modulating chromatin structure. N-terminal acetylation is unique among the numerous histone modifications because ...