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      Exploiting position effects and the gypsy retrovirus insulator to engineer precisely expressed transgenes 

      Markstein, M.; Pitsouli, Chrysoula; Villalta, C.; Celniker, S. E.; Perrimon, N. (2008)
      A major obstacle to creating precisely expressed transgenes lies in the epigenetic effects of the host chromatin that surrounds them. Here we present a strategy to overcome this problem, employing a Gal4-inducible luciferase ...
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      Histone H3 tail clipping regulates gene expression 

      Santos-Rosa, H.; Kirmizis, Antonis; Nelson, C.; Bartke, T.; Saksouk, N.; Cote, J.; Kouzarides, T. (2009)
      Induction of gene expression in yeast and human cells involves changes in the histone modifications associated with promoters. Here we identify a histone H3 endopeptidase activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae that may ...
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      Loss of Nat4 and its associated histone H4 N-terminal acetylation mediates calorie restriction-induced longevity 

      Molina-Serrano, D.; Schiza, V.; Demosthenous, Christis; Stavrou, Emmanouil; Oppelt, J.; Kyriakou, DImitris; Liu, W.; Zisser, G.; Bergler, H.; Dang, W.; Kirmizis, Antonis (2016)
      Changes in histone modifications are an attractive model through which environmental signals, such as diet, could be integrated in the cell for regulating its lifespan. However, evidence linking dietary interventions with ...