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      Computational study of the dispersively modified Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation 

      Akrivis, Georgios; Papageorgiou, Demetrios T.; Smyrlis, Yiorgos-Sokratis (2012)
      We analyze and implement fully discrete schemes for periodic initial value problems for a general class of dispersively modified Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equations. Time discretizations are constructed using linearly implicit ...
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      Cosmological constraints on Brans-Dicke theory 

      Avilez, A.; Skordis, C. (2014)
      We report strong cosmological constraints on the Brans-Dicke (BD) theory of gravity using cosmic microwave background data from Planck. We consider two types of models. First, the initial condition of the scalar field is ...
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      First and second order statistical texture features in carotid plaque image analysis: Preliminary results from ongoing research 

      Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos C.; Nicolaïdes, Andrew N.; Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Petroudi, Styliani; Pattichis, Marios S.; Griffin, Maura B.; Kakkos, Stavros K.; Makris, Gregory C. (2011)
      Carotid plaques have been associated with ipsilateral neurological symptoms. High-resolution ultrasound can provide information not only on the degree of carotid artery stenosis but also on the characteristics of the ...
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      Higher-order accurate polyspectral estimation with flat-top lag-windows 

      Berg, A.; Politis, Dimitris Nicolas (2009)
      Improved performance in higher-order spectral density estimation is achieved using a general class of infinite-order kernels. These estimates are asymptotically less biased but with the same order of variance as compared ...
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      Mutual information expansion for MIMO systems and capacity formulae at low SNR 

      Ioannou, I.; Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Denic, S. (2011)
      The paper introduces a new asymptotic series expansion for the mutual information of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channels. The expansion approaches mutual information from below, and for low signal to noise ratio ...
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      Newtonian Poiseuille flows with pressure-dependent wall slip 

      Panaseti, Pandelitsa; Housiadas, Kostas D.; Georgiou, Georgios C. (2013)
      The effect of pressure-dependent slip at the wall in steady, isothermal, incompressible Poiseuille flows of a Newtonian liquid is investigated. Exponential dependence of the slip coefficient on the pressure is assumed and ...
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      Perturbation solutions of Poiseuille flows of weakly compressible Newtonian liquids 

      Taliadorou, Eleni G.; Neophytou, Marios; Georgiou, Georgios C. (2009)
      Both the planar and axisymmetric isothermal Poiseuille flows of weakly compressible Newtonian liquids with constant shear and bulk viscosities are solved up to the second-order. A linear equation of state is assumed and a ...
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      Series decomposition of fractional Brownian motion and its Lamperti transform 

      Baxevani, Anastassia; Podgórski, K. (2009)
      The Lamperti transformation of a self-similar process is a stationary process. In particular, the fractional Brownian motion transforms to the second order stationary Gaussian process. This process is represented as a ...