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      Digipoe: an open standard and reference implementation for digital portfolios 

      Georgiou, Eleni; Stassopoulou, Athena; Dikaiakos, Marios (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
      In this paper we present the design and implementation of a software system aiming at helping educators in the process of appraisal for self-improvement and self-evaluation. The system is a "Digital Portfolio Environment" ...
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      Web environment for learning, experimenting and knowledge evaluation in regression 

      Marinoiu, Cristian; Dobre, Iuliana; Pană, Laurenţiu-Nicuşor (University of Zilina, 2005)
      Regression is a powerful instrument of statistics, largely used for solving various problems in economics, agriculture, sociology, psychology, biology, educational sciences etc. Also, in the last years, many modern ...