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      Determining true material constants of semisolid slurries from rotational rheometer data 

      Alexandrou, Andreas N.; Georgiou, G. C.; Economides, E. A.; Modigell, M. (2016)
      In this work we revisit the issue of obtaining true material constants for semisolid slurries. Therefore, we consider the circular Couette flow of Herschel-Bulkley fluids. We first show how true constants can be obtained ...
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      Thixotropy of semisolid metals 

      Alexandrou, Andreas N.; Burgos, G. R.; Entov, V. M. (Materials Research Society, 2000)
      Understanding the time-dependent flow behavior of metal alloys in semisolid state is essential for the further development of the process. In the present investigation, the thixotropic behavior of semisolid slurries is ...