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      Changing online paradigms: beyond Information transmission 'lectures' to research-based interactive science laboratories 

      Meisner, Gerald W.; Hoffman, Harol (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
      Robust online courses in the sciences must be based on: (1) sound, research–based pedagogy, (2) rich laboratory environments with skills and operational knowledge transferable to the wet ‘lab’, (3) a paradigm that is ...
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      Toward multi-layer holistic evaluation of system designs 

      Kleanthous, Marios M.; Sazeides, Yiannakis; Ozer, E.; Nicopoulos, Chrysostomos A.; Nikolaou, Panagiota; Hadjilambrou, Zacharias (2016)
      The common practice for quantifying the benefit(s) of design-time architectural choices of server processors is often limited to the chip- or server-level. This quantification process invariably entails the use of salient ...