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      A biologically inspired networking model for wireless sensor networks 

      Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Cui, S. (2010)
      Wireless sensor networks have emerged in strategic applications such as target detection, localization, and tracking, where the large scale renders centralized control prohibitive. In addition, the finite batteries of the ...
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      A broadband balun using metamaterial phase-shifting lines 

      Antoniades, Marcos A.; Eleftheriades, G. V. (2005)
      A 3-port device that converts a single-ended input to a differential output over a large bandwidth is presented. The balun comprises a Wilkinson divider, followed by a +90° negative-refractive-index (NRI) metamaterial (MM) ...
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      A broadband series power divider using zero-degree metamaterial phase-shifting lines 

      Antoniades, Marcos A.; Eleftheriades, G. V. (2005)
      A metamaterial 1:4 series power divider that provides equal power split to all four output ports over a large bandwidth is presented, which can be extended to an arbitrary number of output ports. The divider comprises four ...
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      Capacity for MIMO systems at low SNR 

      Ioannou, I.; Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Denic, S. (2010)
      The paper introduces an asymptotic series expansion for the mutual information of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) channels. For low signal to noise ratio (SNR) the first term of expansion approaches mutual information ...
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      Determining model accuracy as a function of inputs and system parameters 

      Sohns, B. J.; Stein, J. L.; Louca, Loucas S. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 2004)
      Vital to the effectiveness of simulation-based design is having a system model of known quality. Previous research introduced an algorithm called AVASIM for assessing model validity systematically and quantitatively. AVASIM ...
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      Distributed minimum-time weight balancing over digraphs 

      Charalambous, T.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N.; Johansson, M. (IEEE Computer Society, 2014)
      We address the weight-balancing problem for a distributed system whose components (nodes) can exchange information via interconnection links (edges) that form an arbitrary, possibly directed, communication topology (digraph). ...
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      Distributed stopping for average consensus in directed graphs via a randomized event-triggered strategy 

      Manitara, N. E.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (IEEE Computer Society, 2014)
      We consider how an iterative strategy for asymptotic average consensus in a directed graph (digraph) can be adapted so that the nodes can determine, in a distributed manner, a stopping criterion that allows them to terminate ...
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      An evolutionary solution to synthesis problem of optimal all-optical microwave filters 

      Cusick, T. A.; Iezekiel, Stavros; Miles, R. E. (1997)
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      Fault-tolerant discrete-time linear time-invariant filters 

      Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2000)
      Modular redundancy, the traditional approach to fault tolerance, is prohibitively expensive because of the overhead in replicating the hardware. In this paper we discuss alternative methods for obtaining fault-tolerant ...
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      Hybrid wireless edge caching for relaying with spatial randomness 

      Demarchou, E.; Psomas, C.; Krikidis, Ioannis A. (2017)
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      Minimax rate distortion for a class of sources 

      Rezaei, F.; Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Stavrou, P. A.; Kourtellaris, C. (2010)
      This paper deals with rate distortion or source coding with fidelity criterion, in measure spaces, for a class of source distributions. The class of source distributions is described by a relative entropy constraint set ...
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      Optimal preprocessing strategies for perfect reconstruction of binary signals under power-constrained transmission 

      Voulgaris, P. G.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (2004)
      In this paper we further explore our deterministic worst-case framework for perfect reconstruction of discrete data transmissions through dispersive communication channels. Specifically, we are concerned with perfect ...
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      Optimum immigration policies based on linear quadratic theory 

      Tzortzis, I.; Charalambous, Charalambos D. (2010)
      In this paper, it is demonstrated that the Theory of Linear Quadratic is applicable in deriving optimum immigration policies, while maintaining population and immigration levels close to certain pre-specified reference ...
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      Outage and ergodic capacity for a class of channels 

      Ioannou, Ioanna A. (Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, Πολυτεχνική Σχολή / University of Cyprus, Faculty of Engineering, 2013-04)
      Η χρήση πολλαπλών κεραιών τόσο στον πομπό όσο και στον δέκτη σε ασύρματα συστήματα (ΜΙΜΟ) αποτελεί μια πολύ ενεργή ερευνητική περιοχή τα τελευταία χρόνια λόγω των εξαιρετικών βελτιώσεων στην επίδοση σε σύγκριση με τα ...
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      Outage capacity and probability for a class of MIMO channels 

      Ioannou, I.; Charalambous, Charalambos D. (2010)
      This paper is concerned with outage capacity and probability of Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems for a class of channel distributions. The results illustrate how outage probability and capacity degrade as a ...
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      Outage probability under channel distribution uncertainty 

      Ioannou, I.; Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Loyka, S. (2012)
      Outage probability and capacity of a class of block-fading MIMO channels are considered under partial channel distribution information. Specifically, the channel or its distribution is not known but the latter is known to ...
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      Probabilistic approaches to fault detection in networked discrete event systems 

      Athanasopoulou, E.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (2005)
      In this paper, we consider distributed systems that can be modeled as finite state machines with known behavior under fault-free conditions, and we study the detection of a general class of faults that manifest themselves ...
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      Robust capacity of a Gaussian noise channel with channel and noise uncertainty 

      Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Denic, S. Z.; Djouadi, S. M. (2005)
      This paper is concerned with the problem of defining, and computing the capacity of a continuous-time additive Gaussian noise communication channel when the true frequency response of the channel, and the power spectral ...
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      Stochastic differential equations for modeling, estimation and identification of mobile-to-mobile communication channels 

      Olama, M. M.; Djouadi, S. M.; Charalambous, Charalambos D. (2009)
      Mobile-to-mobile networks are characterized by node mobility that makes the propagation environment time varying and subject to fading. As a consequence, the statistical characteristics of the received signal vary continuously, ...
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      Structural modification. Part 1: Rotational receptances 

      Mottershead, J. E.; Kyprianou, Andreas; Ouyang, H. (2005)
      The inverse problem of assigning natural frequencies and antiresonances by a modification to the stiffness, mass and damping of a structure is addressed. Very simple modifications such as the addition of masses and grounded ...