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      Analysis of an adaptive mixing control scheme for an airbreathing hypersonic vehicle model 

      Kuipers, M.; Ioannou, Petros A.; Fidan, B.; Mirmirani, M. (2009)
      Recently the adaptive mixing control (AMC) approach has been applied to an airbreathing hypersonic flight vehicle (AHFV) model, and simulation results demonstrate that this adaptive scheme may be capable of improving ...
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      Analytic models of heterogenous magnetic fields for liquid metal flow simulations 

      Votyakov, E. V.; Kassinos, Stavros C.; Albets-Chico, X. (2009)
      A physically consistent approach is considered for defining an external magnetic field as needed in computational fluid dynamics problems involving magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). The approach results in simple analytical ...
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      CHARMM: The biomolecular simulation program 

      Brooks, B. R.; Brooks III, C. L.; Mackerell Jr., A. D.; Nilsson, L.; Petrella, R. J.; Roux, B.; Won, Y.; Archontis, Georgios Z.; Bartels, C.; Boresch, S.; Caflisch, A.; Caves, L.; Cui, Q.; Dinner, A. R.; Feig, M.; Fischer, S.; Gao, J.; Hodoscek, M.; Im, W.; Kuczera, K.; Lazaridis, T.; Ma, J.; Ovchinnikov, V.; Paci, E.; Pastor, R. W.; Post, C. B.; Pu, J. Z.; Schaefer, M.; Tidor, B.; Venable, R. M.; Woodcock, H. L.; Wu, X.; Yang, W.; York, D. M.; Karplus, M. (2009)
      CHARMM (Chemistry at HARvard Molecular Mechanics) is a highly versatile and widely used molecular simulation program. It has been developed over the last three decades with a primary focus on molecules of biological interest, ...
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      Lagrangian particle dispersion in turbulent flow over a wall mounted obstacle 

      Grigoriadis, D. G. E.; Kassinos, Stavros C. (2009)
      Large-eddy simulations (LES) of particle-laden turbulent flows are presented in order to investigate the effects of particle response time on the dispersion patterns of a space developing flow with an obstruction, where ...
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      Traffic Flow Prediction for Road Transportation Networks With Limited Traffic Data 

      Abadi, A.; Rajabioun, T.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2015)
      Obtaining accurate information about current and near-term future traffic flows of all links in a traffic network has a wide range of applications, including traffic forecasting, vehicle navigation devices, vehicle routing, ...
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      TrafficModeler: A graphical tool for programming microscopic traffic simulators through high-level abstractions 

      Papaleontiou, L. G.; Dikaiakos, Marios D. (2009)
      In this paper, we present TrafficModeler, an open-source, graphical tool for the rapid high-level modeling and generation of vehicular traffic. TrafficModeler supports a variety of traffic definition models representing a ...