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      Exploiting course grain parallelism from FORTRAN by mapping it to IF1 

      Lachanas, Adrianos; Evripidou, Paraskevas (1998)
      FORTRAN, a classical imperative language is mapped into IF1, a machine-independent dataflow graph description language with Single Assingment Semantics (SAS). Parafrase 2 (P2) is used as the front-end of our system. It ...
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      On the practicality of atomic MWMR register implementations 

      Nicolaou, Nicolas C.; Georgiou, Chryssis (2012)
      In this work we conduct an experimental performance evaluation of four MWMR atomic register implementations: SFW from [8], APRX-SFW and CWFR from [11], and SIMPLE (the generalization of [5] in the MWMR environment). We ...
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      Tfluxscc: A case study for exploiting performance in future many-core systems 

      Diavastos, Andreas; Stylianou, Georgios; Trancoso, Pedro (Association for Computing Machinery, 2014)
      The number of computational units integrated in a single processor is rapidly increasing. This suggests that applica-tions will require effcient and effective ways to exploit the parallelism to achieve the performance ...