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      Big events in Greece and HIV infection among people who inject drugs 

      Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Sypsa, V.; Bonovas, Stefanos; Paraskeva, D.; Malliori-Minerva, Melpomeni; Hatzakis, A.; Friedman, Samuel R. (2015)
      Big Events are processes like macroeconomic transitions that have lowered social well-being in various settings in the past. Greece has been hit by the global crisis and experienced an HIV outbreak among people who inject ...
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      Developing Measures of Pathways that May Link Macro Social/Structural Changes with HIV Epidemiology 

      Pouget, E. R.; Sandoval, M.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Mateu-Gelabert, Pedro; Rossi, D.; Smyrnov, P.; Jones, Yolanda; Friedman, Samuel R. (2016)
      Macro-social/structural events (“big events”) such as wars, disasters, and large-scale changes in policies can affect HIV transmission by making risk behaviors more or less likely or by changing risk contexts. The purpose ...