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      Effects of stress on fricatives: Evidence from Standard Modern Greek 

      Themistocleous, Charalambos; Savva, Angelandria; Aristodemou, Andrie (International Speech and Communication Association, 2016)
      This study investigates the effects of stress on the spectral properties of fricative noise in Standard Modern Greek (SMG). Twenty female speakers of SMG participated in the study. Fricatives were produced in stressed and ...
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      Speaker identification for security systems using reinforcement-trained pRAM neural network architectures 

      Clarkson, T. G.; Christodoulou, Chris C.; Guan, Y.; Gorse, D.; Romano-Critchley, D. A.; Taylor, J. G. (2001)
      Four probabilistic pRAM neural network architectures are presented to explain have the different pRAM network architectures perform a classification. In addition, it is shown where the difficulties lie in seperating different ...