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      Picosecond ultrafast pulsed laser deposition of SrTiO3 

      Pervolaraki, M.; Mihailescu, C. N.; Luculescu, C. R.; Ionescu, P.; Dracea, M. D.; Pantelica, D.; Giapintzakis, John (2015)
      SrTiO3 particle-composed films were grown on Si substrates via picosecond ultrafast pulsed laser deposition. We have investigated the effect of laser pulse repetition rate (0.2-8.2 MHz) and fluence (0.079-1.57 J cm-2) on ...
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      Pulsed laser deposition and thermal characterization of Ni-doped La5Ca9Cu24O41 thin films 

      Athanasopoulos, G. I.; Pervolaraki, M.; Svoukis, E.; Androulakis, J.; Saint-Martin, R.; Revcolevschi, A.; Giapintzakis, John (2011)
      Highly b-axis oriented polycrystalline Ni-doped La5Ca 9Cu24O41 thin films have been grown on (0 0 1) SrTiO3 substrates using the pulsed laser deposition technique. EDX measurements have revealed nearly stoichiometric ...
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      Structural and thermal characterization of La5Ca 9Cu24O41 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition on (1 1 0) SrTiO3 substrates 

      Svoukis, E.; Athanasopoulos, G. I.; Altantzis, T.; Lioutas, C.; Martin, R. S.; Revcolevschi, A.; Giapintzakis, John (2012)
      In the present study stoichiometric, b-axis oriented La5Ca 9Cu24O41 thin films were grown by pulsed laser deposition on (1 1 0) SrTiO3 substrates in the temperature range 600-750 °C. High resolution transmission electron ...