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      Computational study of the dispersively modified Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation 

      Akrivis, Georgios; Papageorgiou, Demetrios T.; Smyrlis, Yiorgos-Sokratis (2012)
      We analyze and implement fully discrete schemes for periodic initial value problems for a general class of dispersively modified Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equations. Time discretizations are constructed using linearly implicit ...
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      Feedback control over packet dropping network links 

      Mo, H.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (2007)
      This paper studies stabilization schemes for a discrete-time control systems in which the feedback loop includes a network link that may suffer packet drops. We model the packet dropping network link as an erasure channel ...
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      Origin of the stabilization of the metastable tetragonal high-pressure phase in SrCuO2 thin films grown on SrTiO3 substrates by pulsed laser deposition 

      Mihailescu, C. N.; Pasuk, I.; Straticiuc, M.; Nita, C. R.; Pantelica, D.; Giapintzakis, John (2014)
      In this work we have systematically investigated the evolution of structure and stoichiometry in SrCuO2 films grown on TiO2-terminated SrTiO3 substrates as a function of the substrate temperature. Depending on the growth ...
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      Self-stabilizing virtual synchrony 

      Dolev, S.; Georgiou, Chryssis; Marcoullis, Ioannis; Schiller, E. M. (2015)
      Virtual synchrony (VS) is an important abstraction that is proven to be extremely useful when implemented over asynchronous, typically large, message-passing distributed systems. Fault tolerant design is critical for the ...
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      Stabilisation with feedback control utilising packet-dropping network links 

      Touri, R.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (2007)
      The possibility of using networks, such as the Internet, for data transmission between physically distributed sensors and actuators in a system gives rise to several new challenges in control design. An approach is discussed ...