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      Human pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses in Drosophila 

      Panayidou, S.; Ioannidou, E.; Apidianakis, Yiorgos (2014)
      Drosophila has been the invertebrate model organism of choice for the study of innate immune responses during the past few decades. Many Drosophila-microbe interaction studies have helped to define innate immunity pathways, ...
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      Management of Gradenigo syndrome in a child 

      Iliadis, Charalambos; Wozniak, Greta; Vlychou, M.; Barkatsa, V.; Sotirakou, S.; Kunz, A. (2010)
      Background: Gradenigo syndrome is a rare presentation of acute petrositis characterized by medial otitis, retro- orbital pain and abducens nerve palsy (CN VI palsy) affecting the lateral rectus muscle (CN VI palsy), due ...