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      Enantioanalysis of pipecolic acid with stochastic and potentiometric microsensors 

      Stefan-Van Staden, R. -I; Moldoveanu, I.; Sava, D. -F; Kapnissi‐Christodoulou, Constantina P.; Van Staden, J. F. (2013)
      Stochastic and potentiometric microsensors based on porphyrins and polymeric surfactants such as polysodium N-undecanoyl- l-leucylvanilate and polysodium N-undecanoyl- l-vanilate were developed for enantioselective assay ...
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      Moving average processes and maximum entropy 

      Politis, Dimitris Nicolas (Publ by IEEE, 1990)
      Summary form only given, as follows. Let Xt, t ε Z be a wide-sense stationary stochastic process with mean EXt = 0 and autocovariance γ(k) = EXt Xt+k, k ε Z. It is well known (Burg, 1967) that the maximum-entropy wide-sense ...
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      Self-control with spiking and non-spiking neural networks playing games 

      Christodoulou, Chris C.; Banfield, G.; Cleanthous, A. (2010)
      Self-control can be defined as choosing a large delayed reward over a small immediate reward, while precommitment is the making of a choice with the specific aim of denying oneself future choices. Humans recognise that ...
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      Spiking neural networks with different reinforcement learning (RL) schemes in a multiagent setting 

      Christodoulou, Chris C.; Cleanthous, A. (2010)
      This paper investigates the effectiveness of spiking agents when trained with reinforcement learning (RL) in a challenging multiagent task. In particular, it explores learning through rewardmodulated spike-timing dependent ...
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      A spiking neuron model: Applications and learning 

      Christodoulou, Chris C.; Bugmann, G.; Clarkson, T. G. (2002)
      This paper presents a biologically inspired, hardware-realisable spiking neuron model, which we call the Temporal Noisy-Leaky Integrator (TNLI). The dynamic applications of the model as well as its applications in Computational ...
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      Time-scale analysis of motor unit action potentials 

      Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Pattichis, Marios S. (1999)
      Quantitative analysis in clinical electromyography (EMG) is very desirable because it allows a more standardized, sensitive and specific evaluation of the neurophysiological findings, especially for the assessment of ...