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      Data-flow vs control-flow for extreme level computing 

      Evripidou, Paraskevas; Kyriacou, Costas (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2014)
      This paper challenges the current thinking for building High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems, which is currently based on the sequential computing also known as the von Neumann model, by proposing the use of Novel ...
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      Hardware acceleration of n-body simulations for galactic dynamics 

      Cook, Todd A.; Kim, Hong-Ryul; Louca, Loucas S. (Affiliation: Rutgers Univ., Piscataway, NJ, USA, United StatesCorrespondence Address: Cook, Todd A.Rutgers Univ., Piscataway, NJ, USAUnited States, 1995)
      N-body methods are used to simulate the evolution and interaction of galaxies. These simulations are usually run on large-scale supercomputers or on very expensive full-custom hardare. This paper presents an alternative ...
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      High performance solution of linear systems arising from conforming spectral approximations for non-conforming domain decompositions 

      Paprzycki, M.; Karageorghis, Andreas (1997)
      We apply a conforming spectral collocation technique to nonconforming domain decompositions. The resulting global matrices have a particular block structure. We study the performance of various direct methods of solution ...
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      Internet computing: Using reputation to select workers from a pool 

      Christoforou, Evgenia; Fernández Anta, Antonio; Georgiou, Chryssis; Mosteiro, Miguel A. (2016)
      The assignment and execution of tasks over the Internet is an inexpensive solution in contrast with supercomputers. We consider an Internet-based Master-Worker task computing approach, such as SETI@home. A master process ...
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      Modeling value speculation 

      Sazeides, Yiannakis (IEEE Computer Society, 2002)
      Several studies of speculative execution based on values have reported promising performance potential. However, virtually all microarchitectures in these studies were described in an ambiguous manner, mainly due to the ...
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      Net-console: A web-based development environment for MPI programs 

      Papagapiou, Andreas; Evripidou, Paraskevas; Samaras, George S. (1999)
      In this paper we describe Net-console, a Web-based environment for the development of Message Passing Interface (MPI) programs. Using Net-console the user is able to write, execute, debug and evaluate the performance of ...
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      Results of parallel implementations of the selection problem using sisal 

      Daumas, Marc; Evripidou, Paraskevas (Publ by Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., 1993)
      This paper presents an in depth analysis on the parallel implementation of four of the standard selection algorithms using a functional language on a number of multiprocessor and supercomputers. Three of the algorithms: ...