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      Demo: A programming cloud of smartphones 

      Konstantinidis, Andreas; Costa, Constantinos; Larkou, G.; Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D. (2012)
      In this demonstration we present SmartLab 1, an exciting experimental testbed of approximately 40+ real Android Smartphones, plus emulated devices, deployed at the Department of Computer Science building at the University ...
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      First prototype of the CrossGrid testbed 

      Gomes, Jorge; David, Mário; Martins, João Paulo; Bernardo, L.; Marco, Jesús; Marco, R.; Rodríguez, David Prada; Salt, J.; Gonzalez, S.; Sánchez, J.; Fuentes, A.; Hardt, M.; García, A.; Nyczyk, P.; Ozieblo, A.; Wolniewicz, P.; Bluj, M.; Nawrocki, K.; Padee, A.; Wislicki, W.; Fernández, C.; Fontán, J.; Gómez, A.; López, I.; Cotronis, Yiannis; Floros, Evangelos; Tsouloupas, George; Xing, Wei; Dikaiakos, Marios D.; Astaloš, Ján; Coghlan, B.; Heymann, E.; Senar, M. A.; Merino, G.; Kanellopoulos, Christos; Van Albada, G. D. (2004)
      The CrossGrid project is developing new grid middleware components, tools and applications with a special focus on parallel and interactive computing. In order to support the development effort and provide a test infrastructure, ...
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      Managing big data experiments on smartphones 

      Larkou, G.; Mintzis, M.; Andreou, Panayiotis G.; Konstantinidis, Andreas; Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D. (2016)
      The explosive number of smartphones with ever growing sensing and computing capabilities have brought a paradigm shift to many traditional domains of the computing field. Re-programming smartphones and instrumenting them ...
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      Radio propagation in industrial wireless sensor network environments: From testbed to simulation evaluation 

      Zinonos, Z.; Vassiliou, Vasos; Christofides, Tasos C. (2012)
      In recent years, sensor networks characteristics have led to incremental utilization in different types of applications. Several techniques have been proposed to evaluate the performance of WSNs