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      Solid-state synthesis of Mg 2Si via short-duration ball-milling and low-temperature annealing 

      Ioannou, M.; Chrissafis, K.; Pavlidou, E.; Gascoin, F.; Kyratsi, Theodora (2013)
      In this work, a short duration ball-milling of elemental Mg and Si followed by a thermal treatment is suggested in order to synthesize magnesium silicide via solid-state reaction. The formation of magnesium silicide was ...
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      Study of the crystallization of nanoporous mixed metal oxide phases 

      Theocharis, Charis R.; Attipa, Christothea; Hapeshi, Evroula; Tillirou, Aphrodite A.; Kokkinofta, Rebecca I. (2008)
      A systematic study of the synthesis and characterization of pristine ceria and of mixed cerium/metal oxides has been undertaken. Various synthetic routes were explored, with the crystallization process being examined via ...