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      Computational predictions of the tensile properties of electrospun fibre meshes: Effect of fibre diameter and fibre orientation 

      Barocas, V. Η; Stylianopoulos, T.; Bashur, C. A.; Goldstein, A. S.; Guelcher, S. A. (2008)
      The mechanical properties of biomaterial scaffolds are crucial for their efficacy in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. At the microscopic scale, the scaffold must be sufficiently rigid to support cell adhesion, ...
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      Microstructure-based, multiscale modeling for the mechanical behavior of hydrated fiber networks 

      Barocas, V. Η; Chandran, P. L.; Stylianopoulos, T. (2008)
      A multiscale formulation is derived for the mechanics of a dilute fiber network microstructure, as occurs in in vitro reconstituted collagen gels, to accommodate the deterministic solution of a uniform-stress condition in ...
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      Multiscale computation for bioartificial soft tissues with complex geometries 

      Barocas, V. Η; Luo, X.-J.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Shephard, M. S. (2009)
      The mechanical function of soft collagenous tissues is inherently multiscale, with the tissue dimension being in the centimeter length scale and the underlying collagen network being in the micrometer length scale. This ...
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      Recent advances in vacuum sciences and applications 

      Stana-Kleinschek, K.; Mozetič, M.; Ostrikov, K.; Ruzic, D. N.; Curreli, D.; Cvelbar, U.; Vesel, A.; Primc, G.; Leisch, M.; Jousten, K.; Malyshev, O. B.; Hendricks, J. H.; Kövér, L.; Tagliaferro, A.; Conde, O.; Silvestre, A. J.; Giapintzakis, John; Buljan, M.; Radić, N.; Dražić, G.; Bernstorff, S.; Biederman, H.; Kylián, O.; Hanuš, J.; Miloševič, S.; Galtayries, A.; Dietrich, P.; Unger, W.; Lehocky, M.; Sedlarik, V.; Drmota-Petrič, A.; Pireaux, J. J.; Rogers, J. W.; Anderle, M. (2014)
      Recent advances in vacuum sciences and applications are reviewed. Novel optical interferometer cavity devices enable pressure measurements with ppm accuracy. The innovative dynamic vacuum standard allows for pressure ...
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      Volume-averaging theory for the study of the mechanics of collagen networks 

      Barocas, V. Η; Stylianopoulos, T. (2007)
      A multiscale methodology has been developed for modeling mechanical behavior of collagen fiber networks. The methodology addresses scale separation between the macroscopic, tissue-level scale and the microscopic, fiber-level ...