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      Computational modeling of visual selective attention 

      Neokleous,Kleanthis C.; Schizas, Christos N. (2011)
      An overview of a nerocomputational model of visual selective attention that has been properly implemented is presented in this abstract. Visual selective attention is a fundamental function of human cognition and a highly ...
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      FSort: External sorting on flash-based sensor devices 

      Andreou, Panayiotis G.; Spanos, O.; Zeinalipour-Yazdi, Constantinos D.; Samaras, George S.; Chrysanthis, Panos K. (2009)
      In long-term deployments of Wireless Sensor Networks, it is often more efficient to store sensor readings locally at each device and transmit those readings to the user only when requested (i.e., in response to a user ...
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      Learning multiple predicates 

      Kakas, Antonis C.; Lamma, E.; Riguzzi, F. (1998)
      We present an approach for solving some of the problems of top-down Inductive Logic Programming systems when learning multiple predicates. The approach is based on an algorithm for learning abductive logic programs. Abduction ...
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      A neural network computational model of visual selective attention 

      Neokleous, Kleanthis C.; Avraamides, Marios N.; Neocleous, Costas K.; Schizas, Christos N. (2009)
      One challenging application for Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) would be to try and actually mimic the behaviour of the system that has inspired their creation as computational algorithms. That is to use ANN in order to ...
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      Selective Attention and Consciousness: Investigating Their Relation Through Computational Modelling 

      Neokleous, Kleanthis C.; Avraamides, Marios N.; Neocleous, Costas K.; Schizas, Christos N. (2011)
      The present study aimed at investigating the possible connection between conscious awareness and attention through the implementation of a neurocomputational model of visual selective attention. The development of the model ...