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      An integrated roadway controller and its evaluation by microscopic simulator VISSIM 

      Chang, H.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Ioannou, Petros A. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2015)
      A roadway control system that integrates variable speed limits and ramp metering is designed to relieve congestion, suppress shock waves and improve safety on a freeway stretch. The speed control design is only based on ...
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      A Traffic Light Signal Control System with Truck Priority 

      Zhao, Y.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2016)
      This paper proposed and evaluated a traffic light control system for signalized urban intersections that aims to benefit all traffic flows involved by giving priority to trucks. The problem is motivated from the observation ...
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      The use of microscopic traffic simulation model for traffic control systems 

      Chang, H.; Wang, Y.; Ioannou, Petros A. (2007)
      A highway network model is constructed using a microscopic traffic flow simulation model, VISSIM, and is intended to provide an evaluation environment for advanced traffic control systems. Since the microscopic traffic ...