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      Age effects on consumer demand: An additive partially linear regression model 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori; Pashardes, Panos; Stengos, Thanasis (2002)
      An additive partially linear regression model is used to estimate non-parametrically the effects of total expenditure and age in the context of Engel curves and to investigate the specification and welfare interpretation ...
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      The behaviour of stock returns and interest rates over the business cycle in the US and UK 

      Andreou, Elena; Desiano, Rita; Sensier, Marianne (2001)
      The paper studies the dynamic behaviour of the conditional mean and volatility of weekly financial variables in relation to the business cycle for the USA and UK economies. The mean US S&P stock returns steadily increases ...
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      British consumers' evaluations of US versus Chinese goods: A multi-level and multi-cue comparison 

      Leonidou, Leonidas C.; Palihawadana, Dayananda; Talias, Michael A. (2007)
      Purpose - The article aims to identify differences in consumers' evaluations of goods made in either the USA or China at different levels of analysis
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      Comparing the true cost of living indices of demographically different households 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori; Pashardes, Panos (2004)
      The comparison of true cost of living indices between demographically different households (relative equivalence scale) is argued to be sensitive to the way demographic characteristics enter demand analysis. In particular, ...
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      Demographic versus expenditure flexibility in Engel curves 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori; Pashardes, Panos; Stengos, Thanasis (2008)
      We consider the effects of demographic and expenditure variables on consumer demand in a system of Engel curves using a smooth coefficient semiparametric model where the expenditure effects on the budget shares vary ...
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      Dynamic analysis of British demand for tourism abroad 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori (2000)
      This paper investigates how preference endogeneity, in the form of habit persistence, can affect short-run and long-run tourism expenditure decisions. The proposed model is applied to British quarterly data over the period ...
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      Estimates of the black economy based on consumer demand approaches 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori; Pashardes, Panos; Stengos, Thanasis (2004)
      We propose a consumer demand system approach to estimating the size of the black economy where alternative hypotheses affecting the empirical results can be tested in a nested framework. This approach allows for the ...
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      Ethnic minority immigrants and their children in Britain 

      Dustmann, Christian; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos (2010)
      This paper investigates educational attainment and economic performance of ethnic minority immigrants and their children in Britain, in comparison to white British born. We find that ethnic minority immigrants and their ...
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      The global spread of HIV-1 subtype B epidemic 

      Magiorkinis, Gkikas; Angelis, Konstantinos; Mamais, Ioannis A.; Katzourakis, A.; Hatzakis, Angelos E.; Albert, Jan; Lawyer, G.; Hamouda, O.; Struck, D.; Vercauteren, J.; Wensing, A.; Alexiev, Ivailo; Åsjö, Birgitta; Balotta, Claudia; Gomes, P.; Camacho, Ricardo J.; Coughlan, S.; Griskevicius, A.; Grossman, Z.; Horban, A.; Kostrikis, Leontios G.; Lepej, S. J.; Liitsola, K.; Linka, M.; Nielsen, C.; Otelea, D.; Paredes, R.; Poljak, M.; Puchhammer-Stöckl, E.; Schmit, J. C.; Sönnerborg, A.; Staneková, D.; Stanojevic, M.; Stylianou, Dora C.; Boucher, C. A. B.; Nikolopoulos, Georgios K.; Vasylyeva, T.; Friedman, S. R.; van de Vijver, D.; Angarano, G.; Chaix, M. -L; de Luca, A.; Korn, K.; Loveday, C.; Soriano, V.; Yerly, S.; Zazzi, M.; Vandamme, A. M.; Paraskevis, Dimitrios N. (2016)
      Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) was discovered in the early 1980s when the virus had already established a pandemic. For at least three decades the epidemic in the Western World has been dominated by subtype B ...
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      Identification of a mutation in complement factor H-related protein 5 in patients of Cypriot origin with glomerulonephritis 

      Gale, D. P.; De Jorge, E. G.; Cook, H. T.; Martinez-Barricarte, R.; Hadjisavvas, Andreas; McLean, A. G.; Pusey, C. D.; Pierides, Alkis M.; Kyriacou, Kyriacos C.; Athanasiou, Yiannis; Voskarides, Konstantinos; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D.; Palmer, A.; De Cordoba, S. R.; Maxwell, P. H.; Pickering, M. C.; Frémeaux-Bacchi, V. (2010)
      Summary Background Complement is a key component of the innate immune system, and variation in genes that regulate its activation is associated with renal and other disease. We aimed to establish the genetic basis for a ...
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      Long-run PPP under the presence of near-to-unit roots: The case of the British Pound-US dollar rate 

      Pittis, Nikitas; Christou, Christina; Kalyvitis, Sarantis; Hassapis, Christis (2009)
      Empirical tests typically provide evidence that the British pound-US dollar exchange rate and the relative wholesale price index contain exact unit roots and exhibit cointegration. However, the cointegrating vector is ...
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      On estimating the cost of characteristics indices from consumer demand analysis 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori (2003)
      We examine the information content of relative equivalence scales using a multiperiod framework and argue that in the absence of Independence of Base (IB) these scales can be uniquely identified from demand analysis only ...
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      Peer Review vs Metric-based Assessment: Testing for Bias in the RAE Ratings of UK Economics Departments 

      Clerides, Sofronis; Pashardes, Panos; Polycarpou, Alexandros (2011)
      RAE ratings have been criticized as biased in favour of universities that are old, in England, large and represented on the panel. We investigate these accusations for the 1996 and 2001 RAE ratings of economics departments ...
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      Performance pay and ethnic earnings differences in Britain 

      Green, Colin P.; Heywood, John S.; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos (2014)
      In the first British study, we show that the ethnic earnings gap amongst performance pay jobs is smaller than that amongst time rate jobs. This partially reflects sorting but persists with diminished magnitude in fixed ...
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      Unemployment in the Great Recession 

      Pissarides, Christopher A. (2013)
      This paper studies the responses of unemployment in Germany, the USA and the UK to the Great Recession of 2008-9 using Beveridge curve analysis, and in the entire OECD using other techniques. It is shown that the UK suffered ...