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      Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease - Type 2. Ultrasound, genetic and clinical correlations 

      Demetriou, Kyproula; Tziakouri, Chrysa H.; Anninou, Kristiana; Eleftheriou, Andri; Koptides, Michael; Nicolaou, Alexia; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D.; Pierides, Alkis M. (2000)
      Background. Ultrasound, genetic and clinical correlations are available for ADPKD-1, but lacking for ADPKD-2. The present study was carried out to address: (i) the age-related diagnostic usefulness of ultrasound compared ...
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      Cellular HIV-1 DNA load predicts HIV-RNA rebound and the outcome of highly active antiretroviral therapy 

      Hatzakis, Angelos E.; Touloumi, G.; Pantazis, N.; Anastassopoulou, C. G.; Katsarou, O.; Karafoulidou, A.; Goedert, J. J.; Kostrikis, Leontios G. (2004)
      Objective: To assess whether cellular HIV-1 DNA prior to highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) initiation predicts its outcome. Design and methods: Patients included all 51 hemophiliacs of the Greek component of the ...
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      Clinical aspects of cystinuria 

      Pierides, Alkis M.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D. (1997)
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      Description of the first two seemingly unrelated Greek Cypriot families with a common C618R RET proto-oncogene mutation 

      Neocleous, Vassos; Passalaris, T.; Spanou, E.; Kitsios, P.; Skordis, Nicos A.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D. (2004)
      Germ-line mutations of the RET proto-oncogene cause three different cancer syndromes: multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2A (MEN2A), multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2B, and familial medullary thyroid carcinoma (FMTC). The ...
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      Effect of recent thymic emigrants on progression of HIV-1 disease 

      Hatzakis, Angelos E.; Touloumi, G.; Karanicolas, R.; Karafoulidou, A.; Mandalaki, T.; Anastassopoulou, C. G.; Zhang, L.; Goedert, J. J.; Ho, David D.; Kostrikis, Leontios G. (2000)
      Background. The concentration of T-cell receptor-rearrangement excision DNA circles (TREC) in peripheral-blood T cells is a marker of recent thymic emigrant αβ T cells. We studied the predictive ability of measurements of ...
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      Epidemiological, clinical and genetic study of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy in Cyprus 

      Dardiotis, Efthymios; Koutsou, Pantelitsa; Papanicolaou, Eleni Zamba; Vonta, Filia; Kladi, Angelica; Vassilopoulos, Dimitrios C.; Hadjigeorgiou, Georgios M.; Christodoulou, Kyproula; Kyriakides, Theodoros (2009)
      Objectives. To define the incidence and prevalence of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy (FAP) TTRVal30Met on the island of Cyprus. To study the clinical phenotype and genetic features of FAP TTRVal30Met in the Cypriot ...
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      A family with the branchio-oto-renal syndrome: Clinical and genetic correlations 

      Pierides, Alkis M.; Athanasiou, Yiannis; Demetriou, Kyproula; Koptides, Michael; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D. (2002)
      Background. The branchio-oto-renal (BOR) syndrome is an autosomal dominant disease characterized by hearing loss of early onset, preauricular pits, branchial clefts, and early progressive chronic renal failure in up to 40% ...
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      Genetic variation of DKK3 may modify renal disease severity in ADPKD 

      Liu, M.; Shi, S.; Senthilnathan, S.; Yu, J.; Wu, E.; Bergmann, C.; Zerres, K.; Bogdanova, N.; Coto, E.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D.; Pierides, Alkis M.; Demetriou, Kyproula; Devuyst, O.; Gitomer, B.; Laakso, M.; Lumiaho, A.; Lamnissou, Klea; Magistroni, R.; Parfrey, P.; Breuning, M.; Peters, D. J. M.; Torra, R.; Winearls, C. G.; Torres, V. E.; Harris, Peter C.; Paterson, A. D.; Pei, Y. (2010)
      Significant variation in the course of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) within families suggests the presence of effect modifiers. Recent studies of the variation within families harboring PKD1 mutations ...
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      Measuring recent thymic emigrants in blood of normal and HIV-1-infected individuals before and after effective therapy 

      Zhang, L.; Lewin, S. R.; Markowitz, M.; Lin, L. -H; Skulsky, E.; Karanicolas, R.; Yuxian, H.; Xia, J.; Tuttleton, S.; Vesanen, M.; Spiegel, H.; Kost, R.; Van Lunzen, J.; Stellbrink, H. -J; Wolinsky, S.; Borkowsky, W.; Palumbo, P.; Kostrikis, Leontios G.; Ho, David D. (1999)
      The role of the thymus in HIV-1 pathogenesis remains unclear. We developed an assay to quantify the number of recent thymic emigrants in blood based on the detection of a major excisional DNA byproduct (termed α1 circle) ...
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      Medical diagnostic systems: A case for neural networks 

      Schizas, Christos N.; Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Bonsett, C. A. (1994)
      Recent advances in computer technology offer to the medical profession specialized tools for gathering medical data, processing power, as well as fast storing and retrieving capabilities. Artificial intelligence (AI), an ...
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      Molecular and Clinical Investigation of Cystinuria in the Greek-Cypriot Population 

      Athanasiou, Yiannis; Voskarides, Konstantinos; Chatzikyriakidou, Anthoula L.; Ignatiou, Anastasia; Demosthenous, Panayiota; Elia, Avraam; Zavros, Michalis; Georgiou, Ioannis A.; Pierides, Alkis M.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D. (2015)
      Background and Aims: Cystinuria represents 3% of nephrolithiasis in humans. Two genes have been identified as the main genetic causes of cystinuria, SLC3A1 and SLC7A9, with an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance. In ...
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      Molecular epidemiology of hepatitis C infection in cyprus: Evidence of polyphyletic infection 

      Demetriou, Victoria L.; Van De Vijver, D. A. M. C.; Kostrikis, Leontios G.; Chimonides, S.; Evgeniou, N. A.; Hadjigeorgiou-Vounou, E.; Koliou-Mazeri, M.; Papakyriakou, P.; Petsas, L.; Potamitis, G. (2009)
      The genetic diversity of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Cyprus is investigated for the first time in this study. Nucleotide sequence analysis of the CORE-E1 and NS5B regions of the HCV genome was performed on blood plasma ...
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      Mutation analysis of coding sequences for type I procollagen in individuals with low bone density 

      Spotila, L. D.; Colige, A.; Sereda, L.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D.; Whyte, M. P.; Riggs, L. B.; Shaker, J. L.; Spector, T. D.; Hume, E.; Olsen, N.; Attie, M.; Tenenhouse, A.; Shane, E.; Briney, W.; Prockop, D. J. (1994)
      Mutations in one of the two genes encoding type I procollagen (COL1A1 and COL1A2) are frequently the cause of osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), a disorder characterized by brittle bones. Here we tested whether patients with ...
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      Non-isotopic RNase cleavage assay for mutation detection in MEFV, the gene responsible for familial Mediterranean fever, in a cohort of Greek patients 

      Ritis, K.; Giaglis, Stavros; Spathari, N.; Micheli, A.; Zonios, D.; Tzoanopoulos, D.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D.; Rafail, S.; Mean, R.; Papadopoulos, Vassilios P.; Tzioufas, A. G.; Moutsopoulos, H. M.; Kartalis, G. (2004)
      Background: The MEFV gene is responsible for familial Mediterranean fever (FMF). Several disease associated mutations have been identified. The range of genetic variation in MEFV in Greek patients has not been determined. ...
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      A Simplified Method for Measuring the Thickness of Glomerular Basement Membranes 

      Marquez, B.; Zouvani, Ioanna; Karagrigoriou, Alex; Anastasiades, E.; Pierides, Alkis M.; Kyriacou, Kyriacos C. (2003)
      Measurement of the thickness of glomerular basement membranes is required for the diagnosis of thin membrane nephropathy. Over the years various morphometric methods have been used but some are laborious so there is a need ...
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      Surface EMG analysis on normal subjects based on isometric voluntary contraction 

      Kaplanis, P. A.; Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Hadjileontiadis, L. J.; Roberts, V. C. (2009)
      The objective of this study was to compute reference SEMG values for normal subjects of 13 parameters extracted in the time, frequency and bispectrum domain, from the Biceps Brachii (BB) muscle generated under isometric ...
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      Underexpression of the apolipoprotein E2 and E4 alleles in the Greek Cypriot population of Cyprus 

      Cariolou, Marios A.; Kokkofitou, Avgousta; Manoli, Panayiotis; Christou, Soteroulla; Karagrigoriou, Alex; Middleton, Lefkos T. (1995)
      Apolipoprotein E (APOE) plays an important role in the multifactorial etiology of both cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was used to investigate the APOE gene polymorphism in ...
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      X-linked Alport syndrome in Hellenic families: Phenotypic heterogeneity and mutations near interruptions of the collagen domain in COL4A5 

      Demosthenous, Panayiota; Voskarides, Konstantinos; Stylianou, Konstantinos G.; Hadjigavriel, Michalis; Arsali, Maria; Patsias, Charalambos; Georgaki, Eleni; Zirogiannis, P.; Stavrou, Christoforos V.; Daphnis, Eugenios K.; Pierides, Alkis M.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D. (2012)
      The X-linked Alport syndrome (ATS) is caused by mutations in COL4A5 and exhibits a widely variable expression. Usually ATS is heralded with continuous microhematuria which rapidly progresses to proteinuria, hypertension ...