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      Long-range charge transport in single G-quadruplex DNA molecules 

      Livshits, G. I.; Stern, A.; Rotem, D.; Borovok, N.; Eidelshtein, G.; Migliore, A.; Penzo, E.; Wind, S. J.; Di Felice, R.; Skourtis, Spiros S.; Cuevas, J. C.; Gurevich, L.; Kotlyar, A. B.; Porath, D. (2014)
      DNA and DNA-based polymers are of interest in molecular electronics because of their versatile and programmable structures. However, transport measurements have produced a range of seemingly contradictory results due to ...
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      p-Hydroquinone-metal compounds: Synthesis and crystal structure of two novel VV-p-hydroquinonate and VIV-p-semiquinonate species 

      Drouza, Chryssoula; Tolis, V.; Gramlich, V.; Raptopoulou, Catherine P.; Terzis, Aris; Sigalas, Michael P.; Kabanos, Themistoklis A.; Keramidas, Anastasios D. (2002)
      Reaction of the p-hydroquinone derivative H2Na4bicah·4H2O with either VIVOSO4·3H2O and NaVVO3 in equivalent quantities or with NaVVO3 yields the tetranuclear VIVO2+ macrocycle-semiquinonate compound Na6{(VIVO)4-(μ2-O) ...
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      Uranium adsorption by non-treated and chemically modified cactus fibres in aqueous solutions 

      Prodromou, Melpomeni; Pashalidis, Ioannis (2013)
      The adsorption efficiency of Opuntia ficus indica fibres regarding the removal of hexavalent uranium [U(VI)] from aqueous solutions has been investigated prior and after the chemical treatment (e.g. phosphorylation and ...