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      How do 5-year-olds understand questions? Differences in languages across Europe 

      Sauerland, Uli; Grohmann, Kleanthes K.; Guasti, Maria Teresa; Anđelković, Darinka; Argus, Reili; Armon-Lotem, Sharon; Arosio, Fabrizio; Avram, Larisa; Costa, João; Dabasinskiene, Ineta; De Lopez, Kristine Jensen; Gatt, Daniela; Grech, Helen; Haman, Ewa; Van Hout, Angeliek; Hrzica, Gordana; Kainhofer, Judith; Kamandulytė-Merfeldienė, Laura; Kunnari, Sari; Kovačević, Melita; Kuvac Kraljevic, Jelena; Lipowska, Katarzyna; Mejias, Sandrine; Popović, Maša; Ruzaite, Jurate; Savic, Maja; Sevcenco, Anca; Varlokosta, Spyridoula; Varnava, Marina; Yatsushiro, Kazuko (2016)
      The comprehension of constituent questions is an important topic for language acquisition research and for applications in the diagnosis of language impairment. This article presents the results of a study investigating ...
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      Image-based multiscale modeling predicts tissue-level and network-level fiber reorganization in stretched cell-compacted collagen gels 

      Barocas, V. Η; Sander, E. A.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Tranquillo, R. T. (2009)
      The mechanical environment plays an important role in cell signaling and tissue homeostasis. Unraveling connections between externally applied loads and the cellular response is often confounded by extracellular matrix ...