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      Analysis of published PKD1 gene sequence variants [3] 

      Gout, A. M.; Ravine, D.; Harris, Peter C.; Rossetti, S.; Peters, D.; Breuning, M.; Henske, E. P.; Koizumi, A.; Inoue, S.; Shimizu, Y.; Thongnoppakhun, W.; Yenchitsomanus, P. -T; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D.; Sandford, R.; Torra, R.; Turco, A. E.; Jeffery, S.; Fontes, M.; Somlo, Stefan; Furu, L. M.; Smulders, Y. M.; Mercier, B.; Ferec, C.; Burtey, S.; Pei, Y.; Kalaydjieva, L.; Bogdanova, N.; McCluskey, M.; Geon, L. J.; Wouters, C. H.; Reiterova, J.; Stekrová, J.; San Millan, J. L.; Aguiari, G.; Senno, L. D. (2007)
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      BioTextQuest+: A knowledge integration platform for literature mining and concept discovery 

      Papanikolaou, Nikolas; Pavlopoulos, Georgios A.; Pafilis, Evangelos; Theodosiou, Theodosios G.; Schneider, R.; Satagopam, V. P.; Ouzounis, Christos A.; Eliopoulos, Aristides G.; Promponas, Vasilis J.; Iliopoulos, Ioannis Crete (2014)
      The iterative process of finding relevant information in biomedical literature and performing bioinformatics analyses might result in an endless loop for an inexperienced user, considering the exponential growth of scientific ...
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      CHARMM: The biomolecular simulation program 

      Brooks, B. R.; Brooks III, C. L.; Mackerell Jr., A. D.; Nilsson, L.; Petrella, R. J.; Roux, B.; Won, Y.; Archontis, Georgios Z.; Bartels, C.; Boresch, S.; Caflisch, A.; Caves, L.; Cui, Q.; Dinner, A. R.; Feig, M.; Fischer, S.; Gao, J.; Hodoscek, M.; Im, W.; Kuczera, K.; Lazaridis, T.; Ma, J.; Ovchinnikov, V.; Paci, E.; Pastor, R. W.; Post, C. B.; Pu, J. Z.; Schaefer, M.; Tidor, B.; Venable, R. M.; Woodcock, H. L.; Wu, X.; Yang, W.; York, D. M.; Karplus, M. (2009)
      CHARMM (Chemistry at HARvard Molecular Mechanics) is a highly versatile and widely used molecular simulation program. It has been developed over the last three decades with a primary focus on molecules of biological interest, ...
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      Computational protein design: The proteus software and selected applications 

      Simonson, T.; Gaillard, T.; Mignon, D.; Schmidt Am Busch, M.; Lopes, A.; Amara, Najette; Polydorides, Savvas; Sedano, A.; Druart, Karen; Archontis, Georgios Z. (2013)
      We describe an automated procedure for protein design, implemented in a flexible software package, called Proteus. System setup and calculation of an energy matrix are done with the XPLOR modeling program and its sophisticated ...
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      HIV-1 subtype distribution and its demographic determinants in newly diagnosed patients in Europe suggest highly compartmentalized epidemics 

      Abecasis, A. B.; Wensing, A. M. J.; Paraskevis, Dimitrios N.; Vercauteren, J.; Theys, K.; Van de Vijver, D. A. M. C.; Albert, Jan; Åsjö, Birgitta; Balotta, Claudia; Beshkov, Danail; Camacho, Ricardo J.; Clotet, B.; De Gascun, C.; Griskevicius, A.; Grossman, Z.; Hamouda, O.; Horban, A.; Kolupajeva, T.; Korn, K.; Kostrikis, Leontios G.; Kücherer, C.; Liitsola, K.; Linka, M.; Nielsen, C.; Otelea, D.; Paredes, R.; Poljak, M.; Puchhammer-Stöckl, E.; Schmit, J. -C; Sönnerborg, A.; Stanekova, D.; Stanojevic, M.; Struck, D.; Boucher, C. A. B.; Vandamme, A. -M (2013)
      Background: Understanding HIV-1 subtype distribution and epidemiology can assist preventive measures and clinical decisions. Sequence variation may affect antiviral drug resistance development, disease progression, ...
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      Intensive care window: Real-time monitoring and analysis in the intensive care environment 

      Stylianides, N.; Dikaiakos, Marios D.; Gjermundrød, H.; Panayi, G.; Kyprianou, T. (2011)
      This paper introduces a novel, open-source middleware framework for communication with medical devices and an application using the middleware named intensive care window (ICW). The middleware enables communication with ...
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      Investigation of substituent effect of 1-(3,3-diphenylpropyl)-piperidinyl phenylacetamides on CCR5 binding affinity using QSAR and virtual screening techniques 

      Afantitis, Antreas; Melagraki, G.; Sarimveis, H.; Koutentis, Panayiotis Andreas; Markopoulos, J.; Igglessi-Markopoulou, O. (2006)
      A linear quantitative-structure activity relationship model is developed in this work using Multiple Linear Regression Analysis as applied to a series of 51 1-(3,3-diphenylpropyl)-piperidinyl phenylacetamides derivatives ...
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      A Review of Decision Support Systems in Telecare 

      Falas, Tasos; Papadopoulos, George Angelos; Stafylopatis, Andreas N. (2003)
      This paper presents an overview of the state-of-the-art on decision support systems (DSS) in telecare. The main aspect examined is the use of smaller subsystems -components in an integrated DSS, with emphasis on two ...
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      Rewritable remote encoding and decoding of miniature multi-bit magnetic tags for high-throughput biological analysis 

      Jeong, J. -R; Llandro, J.; Hong, B.; Hayward, T. J.; Mitrelias, Thanos; Kopper, K. P.; Trypiniotis, Theodossis; Steinmuller, S. J.; Simpson, G. K.; Bland, J. A. C. (2008)
      We have investigated a new magnetic labelling technology for high-throughput biomolecular identification and DNA sequencing. Planar multi-bit magnetic tags comprising a magnetic barcode formed by an ensemble of micron-sized ...
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      Texture Analysis of Ultrasonic Images of Symptomatic Carotid Plaques can Identify Those Plaques Associated with Ipsilateral Embolic Brain Infarction 

      Kakkos, Stavros K.; Stevens, J. M.; Nicolaïdes, Andrew N.; Kyriacou, Efthyvoulos C.; Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Geroulakos, George; Thomas, Dominique (2007)
      Objectives: The aim of our study was to determine the association between objective, computerised texture analysis of carotid plaque ultrasonic images and embolic CT-brain infarction in patients presenting with hemispheric ...