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      Adsorption of hexavalent chromium on dunite 

      Demetriou, Antri; Pashalidis, Ioannis (2011)
      The paper presents and discusses the effect of various physicochemical parameters (e.g. pH, ionic strength, Cr(VI) initial concentration, amount of the adsorbent, temperature and contact time between metal ion and adsorbent) ...
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      Competitive adsorption of boric acid and chromate onto alumina in aqueous solutions 

      Demetriou, Antri; Pashalidis, Ioannis (2014)
      The competitive adsorption of boric acid and chromate from aqueous solutions by alumina has been investigated by spectrophotometry at pH 8, ionic strength = 0.0, 0.1 and 1.0 M NaClO4, T = 22 ± 3°C and under normal atmospheric ...
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      Spatial characteristics of urinary BTEX concentrations in the general population 

      Tsangari, Xanthi; Andrianou, Xanthi D.; Agapiou, Agapios; Mochalski, Paweł; Makris, Konstantinos C. (2017)
      Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, o-, m-, and p-xylenes (BTEX) are ubiquitous outdoor and indoor air pollutants associated with both environmental and health effects. The objective of this exploratory study was to determine ...
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      Surface mechanism of the boron adsorption on alumina in aqueous solutions 

      Demetriou, Antri; Pashalidis, Ioannis; Nicolaides, Athanassios V.; Kumke, M. U. (2013)
      The adsorption of boron (boric acid) from aqueous solutions on alumina has been investigated at pH 8.0, I = 0.1 M NaClO4, T = 22 ± 3°C, and under normal atmospheric conditions. The characterization of the adsorbed species ...
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      Systematic grid-based radon concentration measurements in the urban areas of Cyprus 

      Erodotou, E.; Socratous, M.; Parpottas, Yiannis; Tsertos, Haralambos (2015)
      A comprehensive grid-based study of indoor Rn concentration in all accessible urban areas of the Republic of Cyprus, where 67.3% of the population resides, is presented. During the years 2004-2012, a total of 407 measurements ...
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      Uranium chemistry in stack solutions and leachates of phosphogypsum disposed at a coastal area in Cyprus 

      Lysandrou, Michaela; Pashalidis, Ioannis (2008)
      The effect of the matrix composition (main constituents) on the concentration and chemical behavior of uranium in phosphogypsum stack solutions and leachates has been investigated. Solid and aqueous samples were taken from ...
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      Uranium levels in Cypriot groundwater samples determined by ICP-MS and α-spectroscopy 

      Charalambous, Chrystalla; Aletrari, Maria; Piera, Panagiota; Nicolaidou-Kanari, Popi; Efstathiou, Maria; Pashalidis, Ioannis (2013)
      The uranium concentration and the isotopic ratio 238U/234U have been determined in Cypriot groundwater samples by ICP-MS after ultrafiltration and acidification of the samples and α-spectroscopy after pre-concentration and ...