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      Age effects on consumer demand: An additive partially linear regression model 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori; Pashardes, Panos; Stengos, Thanasis (2002)
      An additive partially linear regression model is used to estimate non-parametrically the effects of total expenditure and age in the context of Engel curves and to investigate the specification and welfare interpretation ...
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      Demographic versus expenditure flexibility in Engel curves 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori; Pashardes, Panos; Stengos, Thanasis (2008)
      We consider the effects of demographic and expenditure variables on consumer demand in a system of Engel curves using a smooth coefficient semiparametric model where the expenditure effects on the budget shares vary ...
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      Dynamic analysis of British demand for tourism abroad 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori (2000)
      This paper investigates how preference endogeneity, in the form of habit persistence, can affect short-run and long-run tourism expenditure decisions. The proposed model is applied to British quarterly data over the period ...
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      Equity culture and household behavior 

      Haliassos, Michael; Hassapis, Christis (2002)
      Equity culture has spread among households on both sides of the Atlantic. We study likely effects of equity culture on the behavior of households entering the stock market. Without borrowing constraints, the improved ...
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      Estimates of the black economy based on consumer demand approaches 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori; Pashardes, Panos; Stengos, Thanasis (2004)
      We propose a consumer demand system approach to estimating the size of the black economy where alternative hypotheses affecting the empirical results can be tested in a nested framework. This approach allows for the ...
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      General equilibrium effects of import constraints under variable labour supply, public goods and income taxation 

      Michael, Michael S.; Hatzipanayotou, Panos (1999)
      We consider a general equilibrium trade model of a small open economy with a representative consumer, where labour supply is variable, where imports are restricted by a small tariff, a quota or a voluntary export restraint ...
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      Immigration and international prices 

      Zachariadis, Marios (2012)
      This paper considers the relation between immigration and prices in a number of countries across the world over the period from 1990 to 2006. Immigration is shown to have a negative impact on international relative prices. ...
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      National Sentiment and Consumer Choice: The Iraq War and Sales of US Products in Arab Countries 

      Clerides, Sofronis; Davis, Peter J.; Michis, Antonis (2015)
      Did the rise in anti-American sentiment caused by the Iraq war affect sales of US goods abroad? We address this question using data on soft drinks and fabric detergents sales in nine Arab countries. We find a statistically ...
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      On estimating the cost of characteristics indices from consumer demand analysis 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori (2003)
      We examine the information content of relative equivalence scales using a multiperiod framework and argue that in the absence of Independence of Base (IB) these scales can be uniquely identified from demand analysis only ...
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      Quality standards for used durables: An indirect subsidy? 

      Clerides, Sofronis; Hadjiyiannis, Costas (2008)
      We construct a theoretical framework to study the impact of quality standards for used durable goods on trade flligatureows, profiligaturets and consumer welfare. We show that asymmetric quality standards generate trade ...