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      Are any growth theories robust? 

      Durlauf, Steven N.; Kourtellos, Andros; Tan, Chih Ming (2008)
      This article investigates the strength of empirical evidence for various growth theories when there is model uncertainty with respect to the correct growth model. Using model averaging methods, we find little evidence that ...
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      Long-run PPP under the presence of near-to-unit roots: The case of the British Pound-US dollar rate 

      Pittis, Nikitas; Christou, Christina; Kalyvitis, Sarantis; Hassapis, Christis (2009)
      Empirical tests typically provide evidence that the British pound-US dollar exchange rate and the relative wholesale price index contain exact unit roots and exhibit cointegration. However, the cointegrating vector is ...
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      Order-restricted semiparametric inference for the power bias model 

      Davidov, O.; Fokianos, Konstantinos; Iliopoulos, George (2010)
      The power bias model, a generalization of length-biased sampling, is introduced and investigated in detail. In particular, attention is focused on order-restricted inference. We show that the power bias model is an example ...
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      Space-time models for moving fields with an application to significant wave height fields 

      Ailliot, P.; Baxevani, Anastassia; Cuzol, A.; Monbet, V.; Raillard, N. (2011)
      The surface of the ocean, and so such quantities as the significant wave height, $H-s$, can be thought of as a random surface that develops over time. In this paper, we explore certain types of random fields in space and ...