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      The pathogenic properties of a novel and conserved gene product, KerV, in proteobacteria 

      An, D.; Apidianakis, Yiorgos; Boechat, A. L.; Baldini, R. L.; Goumnerov, B. C.; Rahme, L. G. (2009)
      Identification of novel virulence factors is essential for understanding bacterial pathogenesis and designing antibacterial strategies. In this study, we uncover such a factor, termed KerV, in Proteobacteria. Experiments ...
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      RNA intereference: A powerful laboratory tool and its therapeutic implications 

      Felekkis, Kyriacos N.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D. (2006)
      Ever since RNA intereference (RNAi) was discovered in the early 1990s, a number of scientists from the academic and biotechnology world have continued to view it as the revolutionary discovery of the century. Unequivocally, ...
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      Topologically constrained domains of supercoiled DNA in eukaryotic cells 

      Khodarev, N. N.; Narayana, A.; Constantinou, Andreas I.; Vaughan, A. T. M. (1997)
      The size of supercoiled, topologically constrained DNA domains within the squamous carcinoma cell line SQ-20B were determined by direct comparison with a panel of irradiated supercoiled plasmid DNAs. Loss of supercoiling ...