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      Flavonoids as DNA topoisomerase antagonists and poisons: Structure-activity relationships 

      Constantinou, Andreas I.; Mehta, R.; Runyan, C.; Rao, K.; Vaughan, A.; Moon, R. (1995)
      Selected flavonoids were tested for their ability to inhibit the catalytic activity of DNA topoisomerase (topo) I and II. Myricetin, quercetin, fisetin, and morin were found to inhibit both enzymes, while phloretin, ...
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      A novel use for the comet assay: Detection of topoisomerase II inhibitors 

      Salti, G. I.; Das Gupta, T. K.; Constantinou, Andreas I. (2000)
      Background: The simple and quick comet assay can quantitatively detect DNA cleavage in cells. This study aimed to determine whether the comet assay could be used to detect topoisomerase (topo) II inhibitors. Materials and ...
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      Topologically constrained domains of supercoiled DNA in eukaryotic cells 

      Khodarev, N. N.; Narayana, A.; Constantinou, Andreas I.; Vaughan, A. T. M. (1997)
      The size of supercoiled, topologically constrained DNA domains within the squamous carcinoma cell line SQ-20B were determined by direct comparison with a panel of irradiated supercoiled plasmid DNAs. Loss of supercoiling ...