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      Jury decision making 

      Kapardis, Andreas (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)
      The idea of a jury of 12 (it is 15 in Scotland) has been an essential feature of English common law and was passed on to the Anglo-Saxons by the Vikings. Unanimous verdicts were introduced in 1367 and abolished in 1978. ...
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      Reliability Assessment of Urban Water Distribution Networks Under Seismic Loads [electronic resource] 

      Fragiadakis, M.; Vamvatsikos, Dimitrios; Christodoulou, Symeon E. (2013)
      Presented herein is a methodology for the seismic assessment of the reliability of urban water distribution networks (UWDN) based on general seismic assessment standards, as per the American Lifelines Alliance (ALA) ...