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      Guest worker programs: A theoretical analysis of welfare of the host and source countries* 

      Djajic, Slobodan; Michael, Michael S. (2013)
      This article examines the interaction between migration policies of the host and source countries in the context of a model of guest-worker migration. For the host, the objective is to provide low-cost labor for its employers ...
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      Illegal immigration, foreign aid, and the transit countries 

      Djajic, Slobodan; Michael, Michael S. (2016)
      This article examines the problem facing an advanced, final-destination country as it seeks cooperation from its less-well-off neighbors to impede unauthorized, thirdcountry migrants from transiting their territories. With ...
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      Migration, Foreign Aid and the Welfare State 

      Hatzipanayotou, Panos; Michael, Michael S. (2012)
      Aspects related to the links between international migration, foreign aid and the welfare state are highlighted in this paper. Migration is modeled as a costly movement from an aid-recipient developing country with low ...
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      Why does intermarriage increase immigrant employment? the role of networks 

      Furtado, Delia; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos (2010)
      Social networks are commonly understood to play a large role in the labor market success of immigrants. Using 2000 U.S. Census data, this paper examines whether access to native networks, as measured by marriage to a native, ...