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      An improved synthesis of diiodonoradamantane 

      Ioannou, Savvas; Nicolaides, Athanassios V. (2009)
      Τhe synthesis of 3,7-diiodo-tricyclo[,7]nonane, the main precursor of noradamantene, by iodination of the corresponding diol via its dimesylate affords a threefold higher yield than the direct iodination of the ...
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      Synthesis of a novel diene from a cyclobutane precursor: An entry to 2,9-disubstituted [2]diadamantanes 

      Ioannou, Savvas; Krassos, H.; Nicolaides, Athanassios V. (2013)
      In the gas-phase thermolysis (350 C) of heptacyclic cyclobutane 2, n=1, (the [2+2] dimer of noradamantene) two isomeric dienes (the symmetric 5, n=1 and the asymmetric 6a) and the reduction product [2]diadamantane (7-H) ...