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      Delivery of molecular and nanoscale medicine to tumors: Transport barriers and strategies 

      Chauhan, V. P.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Boucher, Y.; Jain, R. K. (2011)
      Tumors are similar to organs, with unique physiology giving rise to an unusual set of transport barriers to drug delivery. Cancer therapy is limited by nonuniform drug delivery via blood vessels, inhomogeneous drug transport ...
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      Magnetoresistance in LaNi1-xCoxO3 (0.3≤x≤0.6) 

      Androulakis, J.; Giapintzakis, John (2010)
      We report on a detailed study of the electrical resistivity and the magnetoresistance of the metallic members of the LaNi1-xCoxO3 series with 0.3≤x≤0.6. The low-temperature resistivity of the compounds with 0.3≤x≤0.5 ...