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      Demographic versus expenditure flexibility in Engel curves 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori; Pashardes, Panos; Stengos, Thanasis (2008)
      We consider the effects of demographic and expenditure variables on consumer demand in a system of Engel curves using a smooth coefficient semiparametric model where the expenditure effects on the budget shares vary ...
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      Dynamic analysis of British demand for tourism abroad 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori (2000)
      This paper investigates how preference endogeneity, in the form of habit persistence, can affect short-run and long-run tourism expenditure decisions. The proposed model is applied to British quarterly data over the period ...
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      Global versus local shocks in micro price dynamics 

      Andrade, Philippe; Zachariadis, Marios (2016)
      A number of recent papers point to the importance of distinguishing between the price reaction to macro and micro shocks. We emphasize instead the importance of distinguishing between global and local shocks. We exploit a ...
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      Image-based multiscale modeling predicts tissue-level and network-level fiber reorganization in stretched cell-compacted collagen gels 

      Barocas, V. Η; Sander, E. A.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Tranquillo, R. T. (2009)
      The mechanical environment plays an important role in cell signaling and tissue homeostasis. Unraveling connections between externally applied loads and the cellular response is often confounded by extracellular matrix ...
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      The local Solow growth model 

      Durlauf, Steven N.; Kourtellos, Andros; Minkin, Artur (2001)
      This paper generalizes the empirical analysis of the Solow growth model to account for country-specific heterogeneity. This generalization relaxes the assumption made in bulk of empirical growth studies that all countries ...
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      A model for estimating pollution emissions for individual economic activities 

      Kassinis, George I. (1998)
      To be effective, environmental policies must be informed by reliable assessments of the impact of economic activities. In turn, such impact assessments require comprehensive information on the pollution profiles of particular ...
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      Scaling rules for diffusive drug delivery in tumor and normal tissues 

      Baish, J. W.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Lanning, R. M.; Kamoun, W. S.; Fukumura, D.; Munn, L. L.; Jain, R. K. (2011)
      Delivery of blood-borne molecules and nanoparticles from the vasculature to cells in the tissue differs dramatically between tumor and normal tissues due to differences in their vascular architectures. Here we show that ...
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      Welfare effects of migration in societies with indirect taxes, income transfers and public good provision 

      Michael, Michael S.; Hatzipanayotou, Panos (2001)
      We construct a general equilibrium trade model of a two-class small open host or source country. When consumption tax revenue finances the provision of a public good, marginal migration reduces social welfare in the source ...