• Article  

      Additional studies of the probability that the events with a superjet observed by CDF are consistent with the SM prediction 

      Apollinari, G.; Barone, M.; Benjamin, D.; Carithers, W.; Dorigo, T.; Fiori, I.; Franklin, M.; Giromini, P.; Happacher, F.; Konigsberg, J.; Kruse, M.; Miscetti, S.; Parri, A.; Ptohos, Fotios; Velev, G. (2002)
      In the IV+2, 3 jet data collected by Collider Detector at Fermilab during the 1992-1995 Fermilab collider run, 13 events were observed to contain a superjet when 4.4 × 0.6 events are expected. A previous article detailed ...
    • Article  

      Automated species recognition of antbirds in a Mexican rainforest using hidden Markov models 

      Trifa, V. M.; Kirschel, A. N. G.; Taylor, C. E.; Vallejo, E. E. (2008)
      Behavioral and ecological studies would benefit from the ability to automatically identify species from acoustic recordings. The work presented in this article explores the ability of hidden Markov models to distinguish ...
    • Article  

      Autoregressive and cepstral analyses of motor unit action potentials 

      Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Elia, Andreas G. (1999)
      Quantitative electromyographic signal analysis in the time domain for motor unit action potential (MUAP) classification and disease identification has been well documented over recent years. Considerable work has also been ...
    • Article  

      Cationic double-hydrophilic model networks: Synthesis, characterization, modeling and protein adsorption studies 

      Loizou, Elena; Triftaridou, Aggeliki I.; Georgiou, Theoni K.; Vamvakaki, Maria; Patrickios, Costas S. (2003)
      Group transfer polymerization (GTP) was used for the preparation of eight networks based on two hydrophilic monomers, 2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate (DMAEMA) and poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate (PEGMA). Ethylene ...
    • Article  

      Chemopreventive effects of soy protein and purified soy isoflavones on DMBA-induced mammary tumors in female Sprague-Dawley rats 

      Constantinou, Andreas I.; Lantvit, D.; Hawthorne, M.; Xu, X.; Van Breemen, R. B.; Pezzuto, J. M. (2001)
      There are conflicting reports on the effect of soy and its components on mammary carcinogenesis in adult female rats, mainly because of different rodent models that are used in chemoprevention studies. The present study ...
    • Article  

      Demographic versus expenditure flexibility in Engel curves 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori; Pashardes, Panos; Stengos, Thanasis (2008)
      We consider the effects of demographic and expenditure variables on consumer demand in a system of Engel curves using a smooth coefficient semiparametric model where the expenditure effects on the budget shares vary ...
    • Article  

      Dielectric relaxation in an enzyme active site: Molecular dynamics simulations interpreted with a macroscopic continuum model 

      Archontis, Georgios Z.; Simonson, T. (2001)
      Dielectric relaxation plays an important role in many chemical processes in proteins, including acid-base titration, ligand binding, and charge transfer reactions. Its complexity makes experimental characterization difficult, ...
    • Article  

      Dynamic analysis of British demand for tourism abroad 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori (2000)
      This paper investigates how preference endogeneity, in the form of habit persistence, can affect short-run and long-run tourism expenditure decisions. The proposed model is applied to British quarterly data over the period ...
    • Article  

      Global versus local shocks in micro price dynamics 

      Andrade, Philippe; Zachariadis, Marios (2016)
      A number of recent papers point to the importance of distinguishing between the price reaction to macro and micro shocks. We emphasize instead the importance of distinguishing between global and local shocks. We exploit a ...
    • Article  

      Human pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses in Drosophila 

      Panayidou, S.; Ioannidou, E.; Apidianakis, Yiorgos (2014)
      Drosophila has been the invertebrate model organism of choice for the study of innate immune responses during the past few decades. Many Drosophila-microbe interaction studies have helped to define innate immunity pathways, ...
    • Article  

      Image-based multiscale modeling predicts tissue-level and network-level fiber reorganization in stretched cell-compacted collagen gels 

      Barocas, V. Η; Sander, E. A.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Tranquillo, R. T. (2009)
      The mechanical environment plays an important role in cell signaling and tissue homeostasis. Unraveling connections between externally applied loads and the cellular response is often confounded by extracellular matrix ...
    • Article  

      Learning systems in biosignal analysis 

      Schizas, Christos N.; Pattichis, Constantinos S. (1997)
      In biosignal analysis, the utility of artificial neural networks (ANN) in classifying electromyographic (EMG) data trained with the momentum back propagation algorithm has recently been demonstrated. In the current study, ...
    • Article  

      The local Solow growth model 

      Durlauf, Steven N.; Kourtellos, Andros; Minkin, Artur (2001)
      This paper generalizes the empirical analysis of the Solow growth model to account for country-specific heterogeneity. This generalization relaxes the assumption made in bulk of empirical growth studies that all countries ...
    • Article  

      Measurement of the polar-angle distribution of leptons from W boson decay as a function of the W transverse momentum in pp̄ collisions at √s=1.8 TeV 

      Acosta, D.; Affolder, T.; Albrow, M. G.; Ambrose, D.; Amidei, D.; Anikeev, K.; Antos, J.; Apollinari, G.; Arisawa, T.; Artikov, A.; Ashmanskas, W.; Azfar, F.; Azzi-Bacchetta, P.; Bacchetta, N.; Bachacou, H.; Badgett, W.; Barbaro-Galtieri, A.; Barnes, V. E.; Barnett, B. A.; Baroiant, S.; Barone, M.; Bauer, G.; Bedeschi, F.; Behari, S.; Belforte, S.; Bell, W. H.; Bellettini, G.; Bellinger, J.; Benjamin, D.; Beretvas, Andrew; Bhatti, A.; Binkley, M.; Bisello, D.; Bishai, M.; Blair, R. E.; Blocker, C.; Bloom, K.; Blumenfeld, B.; Bocci, A.; Bodek, A.; Bolla, G.; Bolshov, A.; Bortoletto, D.; Boudreau, J.; Bromberg, C.; Brubaker, E.; Budagov, J.; Budd, H. S.; Burkett, K.; Busetto, G.; Byrum, K. L.; Cabrera, S.; Campbell, M.; Carithers, W.; Carlsmith, D.; Castro, A.; Cauz, D.; Cerri, A.; Cerrito, L.; Chapman, J.; Chen, C.; Chen, Y. C.; Chertok, M.; Chiarelli, G.; Chlachidze, G.; Chlebana, F.; Chu, M. L.; Chung, J. Y.; Chung, W. H.; Chung, Y. S.; Ciobanu, C. I.; Clark, A. G.; Coca, M.; Connolly, A.; Convery, M.; Conway, J.; Cordelli, M.; Cranshaw, J.; Culbertson, R.; Dagenhart, D.; D'Auria, S.; de Barbaro, P.; de Cecco, S.; Dell'Agnello, Simone; Dell'Orso, M.; Demers, S.; Demortier, L.; Deninno, M.; de Pedis, D.; Derwent, P. F.; Dionisi, Carlo; Dittmann, J. R.; Dominguez, A.; Donati, S.; D'Onofrio, M.; Dorigo, T.; Eddy, N.; Erbacher, R.; Errede, D.; Errede, S.; Eusebi, R.; Farrington, S.; Feild, R. G.; Fernandez, J. P.; Ferretti, C.; Field, R. D.; Fiori, I.; Flaugher, B.; Flores-Castillo, L. R.; Foster, G. W.; Franklin, M.; Friedman, J.; Furic, I.; Gallinaro, M.; Garcia-Sciveres, M.; Garfinkel, A. F.; Gay, C.; Gerdes, D. W.; Gerstein, E.; Giagu, S.; Giannetti, P.; Giolo, K.; Giordani, M.; Giromini, P.; Glagolev, V.; Glenzinski, D.; Gold, M.; Goldschmidt, N.; Goldstein, J.; Gomez, G.; Goncharov, M.; Gorelov, I.; Goshaw, A. T.; Gotra, Y.; Goulianos, Konstantin; Gresele, A.; Grosso-Pilcher, C.; Guenther, M.; Guimaraes da Costa, J.; Haber, C.; Hahn, S. R.; Halkiadakis, Eva; Handler, R.; Happacher, F.; Hara, K.; Harris, R. M.; Hartmann, F.; Hatakeyama, K.; Hauser, J.; Haywood, S. J.; Heinrich, J.; Hennecke, M.; Herndon, M.; Hill, C.; Hocker, A.; Hoffman, K. D.; Hou, S.; Huffman, B. T.; Hughes, R.; Huston, J.; Issever, C.; Incandela, J.; Introzzi, G.; Iori, M.; Ivanov, A.; Iwata, Y.; Iyutin, B.; James, E.; Jones, M.; Kamon, T.; Kang, J.; Karagoz Unel, M.; Kartal, S.; Kasha, H.; Kato, Y.; Kennedy, R. D.; Kephart, R.; Kilminster, B.; Kim, D. H.; Kim, H. S.; Kim, M. J.; Kim, S. B.; Kim, S. H.; Kim, T. H.; Kim, Y. K.; Kirby, M.; Kirsch, L.; Klimenko, S.; Koehn, P.; Kondo, K.; Konigsberg, J.; Korn, A.; Korytov, A.; Kroll, J.; Kruse, M.; Krutelyov, V.; Kuhlmann, S. E.; Kuznetsova, N.; Laasanen, A. T.; Lami, S.; Lammel, S.; Lancaster, J.; Lannon, K.; Lancaster, M.; Lander, R.; Lath, A.; Latino, G.; LeCompte, T.; Le, Y.; Lee, J.; Lee, S. W.; Leonardo, N.; Leone, S.; Lewis, J. D.; Li, K.; Lin, C. S.; Lindgren, M.; Liss, T. 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P.; Yi, K.; Yoh, J.; Yoshida, T.; Yu, I.; Yu, S.; Yun, J. C.; Zanello, L.; Zanetti, A.; Zetti, F.; Zucchelli, S. (2004)
      We present a measurement of the polar-angle distribution of leptons from W boson decay, as a function of the W transverse momentum. The measurement uses an 80±4 pb-1 sample of pp̄ collisions at √s = 1.8 TeV collected by ...
    • Article  

      A model for estimating pollution emissions for individual economic activities 

      Kassinis, George I. (1998)
      To be effective, environmental policies must be informed by reliable assessments of the impact of economic activities. In turn, such impact assessments require comprehensive information on the pollution profiles of particular ...
    • Article  

      Modeling the effects of toxins in metabolic networks 

      Tamaddoni-Nezhad, A.; Chaleil, R.; Kakas, Antonis C.; Sternberg, M.; Nicholson, J.; Muggleton, S. (2007)
    • Article  

      MRI-based morphological modeling, synthesis and characterization of cardiac tissue-mimicking materials 

      Kossivas, Fotis; Angeli, Stelios I.; Kafouris, Demetris; Patrickios, Costas S.; Tzagarakis, V.; Constantinides, Christakis (2012)
      This study uses standard synthetic methodologies to produce tissue-mimicking materials that match the morphology and emulate the in vivo murine and human cardiac mechanical and imaging characteristics, with dynamic mechanical ...
    • Article  

      Near Poisson-type firing produced by concurrent excitation and inhibition 

      Christodoulou, Chris C.; Bugmann, G. (2000)
      The effect of inhibition on the firing variability is examined in this paper using the biologically-inspired temporal noisy-leaky integrator (TNLI) neuron model. The TNLI incorporates hyperpolarising inhibition with negative ...
    • Article  

      Oligoacetic acid characterization by isocratic and linear salt gradient anion-exchange chromatography 

      Li, H.; Patrickios, Costas S. (2001)
      A homologous series of four oligomers of acetic acid (namely acetic acid, succinic acid, tricarballylic acid, and tetracarboxylic acid) is characterized using isocratic and linear salt gradient anion-exchange chromatography. ...
    • Article  

      On learning time delays between the spikes from different input neurons in a biophysical model of a pyramidal neuron 

      Koutsou, Achilleas; Bugmann, G.; Christodoulou, Chris C. (2015)
      Biological systems are able to recognise temporal sequences of stimuli or compute in the temporal domain. In this paper we are exploring whether a biophysical model of a pyramidal neuron can detect and learn systematic ...