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      A novel QSPR model for predicting θ (lower critical solution temperature) in polymer solutions using molecular descriptors 

      Melagraki, G.; Afantitis, Antreas; Sarimveis, H.; Koutentis, Panayiotis Andreas; Markopoulos, J.; Igglessi-Markopoulou, O. (2007)
      In this study, we present a new model that has been developed for the prediction of θ, (lower critical solution temperature) using a database of 169 data points that include 12 polymers and 67 solvents. For the characterization ...
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      Are any growth theories robust? 

      Durlauf, Steven N.; Kourtellos, Andros; Tan, Chih Ming (2008)
      This article investigates the strength of empirical evidence for various growth theories when there is model uncertainty with respect to the correct growth model. Using model averaging methods, we find little evidence that ...
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      A combined LS-SVM & MLR QSAR workflow for predicting the inhibition of CXCR3 receptor by quinazolinone analogs 

      Afantitis, Antreas; Melagraki, G.; Sarimveis, H.; Koutentis, Panayiotis Andreas; Igglessi-Markopoulou, O.; Kollias, G. (2010)
      AnovelQSARworkflowis constructed that combines MLR with LS-SVM classification techniques for the identification of quinazolinone analogs as "active" or "nonactive" CXCR3 antagonists. The accuracy of the LS-SVM classification ...
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      Effect of recent thymic emigrants on progression of HIV-1 disease 

      Hatzakis, Angelos E.; Touloumi, G.; Karanicolas, R.; Karafoulidou, A.; Mandalaki, T.; Anastassopoulou, C. G.; Zhang, L.; Goedert, J. J.; Ho, David D.; Kostrikis, Leontios G. (2000)
      Background. The concentration of T-cell receptor-rearrangement excision DNA circles (TREC) in peripheral-blood T cells is a marker of recent thymic emigrant αβ T cells. We studied the predictive ability of measurements of ...
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      Effects of CCR5-Δ32, CCR2-64I, and SDF-1 3′ a alleles on HIV-1 disease progression: An international meta-analysis of individual-patient data 

      Ioannidis, J. P. A.; Rosenberg, P. S.; Goedert, J. J.; Ashton, L. J.; Benfield, T. L.; Buchbinder, S. P.; Coutinho, R. A.; Eugen-Olsen, J.; Gallart, T.; Katzenstein, T. L.; Kostrikis, Leontios G.; Kuipers, H.; Louie, L. G.; Mallal, S. A.; Margolick, J. B.; Martinez, O. P.; Meyer, L.; Michael, N. L.; Operskalski, E.; Pantaleo, G.; Rizzardi, G. P.; Schuitemaker, H.; Sheppard, H. W.; Stewart, G. J.; Theodorou, I. D.; Ullum, H.; Vicenzi, E.; Vlahov, D.; Wilkinson, D.; Workman, C.; Zagury, J. -F; O'Brien, T. R. (2001)
      Background: Studies relating certain chemokine and chemokine receptor gene alleles with the outcome of HIV-1 infection have yielded inconsistent results. Objective: To examine postulated associations of genetic alleles ...
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      Manual and automated intima-media thickness and diameter measurements of the common carotid artery in patients with renal failure disease 

      Loizou, Christos P.; Kasparis, Takis; Lazarou, Theodoros; Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Pantzaris, Marios C. (2014)
      The objective of this study was to investigate differences in intima-media thickness (IMT) and diameter (D) measurements of the common carotid artery (CCA) in ultrasound imaging in normal subjects and renal failure disease ...
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      Manual and automated media and intima thickness measurements of the common carotid artery 

      Loizou, Christos P.; Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Nicolaïdes, Andrew N.; Pantzaris, Marios C. (2009)
      The intima-media thickness (IMT) of the common carotid artery (CCA) is widely used as an early indicator of the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD). It was proposed but not thoroughly investigated that the media ...
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      A spatiotemporal precipitation generator based on a censored latent Gaussian field 

      Baxevani, Anastassia; Lennartsson, J. (2015)
      A daily stochastic spatiotemporal precipitation generator that yields precipitation realizations that are quantitatively consistent is described. The methodology relies on a latent Gaussian field that drives both the ...