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      Structure and scales in turbulence modeling 

      Reynolds, W. C.; Langer, C. A.; Kassinos, Stavros C. (2002)
      The enstrophy of the large-scale energy-containing turbulence is proposed as the second turbulence scale for use, in conjunction with the turbulence energy, in two-scale one-point engineering turbulence models. Its transport ...
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      Transport of ellipsoid fibers in oscillatory shear flows: Implications for aerosol deposition in deep airways 

      Shachar-Berman, L.; Ostrovski, Y.; Rosis, A. De; Kassinos, Stavros C.; Sznitman, J. (2018)
      It is widely acknowledged that inhaled fibers, e.g. air pollutants and anthropogenic particulate matter, hold the ability to deposit deep into the lungs reaching the distal pulmonary acinar airways as a result of their ...