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      Gains from trade in used goods: Evidence from automobiles 

      Clerides, Sofronis (2008)
      I investigate the welfare effects of trade liberalization by exploiting a natural policy experiment in the economy of Cyprus. A 1993 law relaxed import restrictions on used vehicles and enabled the importation of second-hand ...
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      Regionalism and conflict: Peace creation and peace diversion 

      Hadjiyiannis, Costas; Heracleous, Maria S.; Tabakis, Chrysostomos (2016)
      We investigate the implications of preferential trade agreements (PTAs) for interstate conflict. We set up a two-stage game with three competing importers, where first, two of the countries decide on whether to initiate ...
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      Regionalism and multilateral trade liberalization with asymmetric countries 

      Hadjiyiannis, Costas (2004)
      The paper examines the impact of regionalism on the process of multilateral trade liberalization when countries are asymmetric. The author uses a three-country, three-good, competing exporters model, with countries being ...