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      Customs Union and the Harris-Todaro Model with International Capital Mobility 

      Michael, Michael S.; Miller, Stephen M. (1992)
      Traditional customs union theory concludes that trade creation enhances welfare. Thus, Yu's (1982) conclusion that trade creation may decrease welfare in the presence of general unemployment is an important observation. ...
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      Labour market policies and unemployment in the OECD 

      Jackman, Richard; Pissarides, Christopher A.; Savouri, Savvas (1990)
      The massive increase in unemployment throughout the OECD since the early 1970s has led governments in many countries to introduce, or to expand, labour market policies. Such programmes have the objective of reducing ...
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      Policy influences on unemployment: The European experience 

      Pissarides, Christopher A. (1999)
      This paper considers the implications of four kinds of labour market policies for the 1980s rise in European unemployment: unemployment compensation, active labour market policies, employment protection legislation and ...
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      Pollution, capital mobility and tax policies with unemployment 

      Tsakiris, Nikos; Hatzipanayotou, Panos; Michael, Michael S. (2008)
      In this paper we highlight aspects related to the links among unemployment, international capital mobility, and tax policies in a small open developing economy. Without international capital mobility, the joint optimal ...
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      Scale effects in markets with search 

      Petrongolo, Barbara; Pissarides, Christopher A. (2006)
      Estimates of aggregate matching functions may miss important scale effects in frictional labour markets because of the reactions of job seekers to scale. We estimate a semi-structural model of search and matching on a ...
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      Skill shortages and structural unemployment in Britain: a (mis) matching approach 

      Bean, Charles; Pissarides, Christopher A. (Cambridge University Press, 1991)
      Invokes microeconomic evidence on the nature of British unemployment and its causes, and investigates the thesis that much of its increase during the late 1970s and early 1980s can be attributed to the mismatch of different ...
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      Technological progress, job creation, and job destruction 

      Mortensen, Dale T.; Pissarides, Christopher A. (1998)
      New technology embodied in capital equipment can be adopted either through destruction of existing jobs and the creation of new ones or by renovation, updating the job's equipment. Under the assumption that the destruction ...
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      Unemployment and macroeconomics 

      Pissarides, Christopher A. (1989)
      This paper discusses some issues in the theory of unemployment. It proposes a framework for the analysis of unemployment and finally applies the framework to the analysis of the rise in unemployment in Britain after 1979. ...
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      Unemployment and the inter-regional mobility of labour 

      Pissarides, Christopher A.; Wadsworth, Jonathan (1989)
      In this paper we examine the relation between unemployment and the interregional migration of labour. First, the status of a worker affects mobility: an unemployed worker is more likely to move than an employed one. Second, ...
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      Unemployment dynamics with international capital mobility 

      Azariadis, Costas; Pissarides, Christopher A. (2007)
      We study the response of domestic unemployment rates to shocks in total factor productivity for economies with high capital mobility and low labour mobility. We show that high capital mobility amplifies the impact on the ...
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      Unemployment in the Great Recession 

      Pissarides, Christopher A. (2013)
      This paper studies the responses of unemployment in Germany, the USA and the UK to the Great Recession of 2008-9 using Beveridge curve analysis, and in the entire OECD using other techniques. It is shown that the UK suffered ...
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      Unemployment responses to 'skill-biased' technology shocks: The role of labour market policy 

      Mortensen, Dale T.; Pissarides, Christopher A. (1999)
      Do skill-biased shocks that increase the spread of labour productivities, interacting with different policy regimes, explain the rise in unemployment in Europe relative to the United States in the 1980s and 1990s? The ...