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      2nd combined working group and management committee meeting of urine and kidney proteomics COST action 29-30 March 2009, Nafplio, Greece 

      Vlahou, Antonia; Allmaier, G.; Attwood, T.; Bongcam-Rudloff, E.; Charonis, Aristidis S.; Frokiaer, J.; Mischak, H.; Schanstra, J.; Spasovski, G.; Aasberg, A.; Allory, Y.; Arthur, J.; Attwood, T.; Banks, R.; Baumann, M.; Benigni, A.; Bezerianos, Anastasios; Campistol, J. M.; Candiano, G.; Capasso, G.; Carpentier, S.; Dadlez, M.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D.; Dijilianov, D.; De Zeeuw, D.; Decramer, S.; Dihazi, H.; Domon, B.; Endlich, N.; d'Alche-Buc, F.; D'Haese, P.; Edelman, A.; Egido, J.; El Nahas, M.; Farinazzo, A.; Fernandez-Llama, P.; Feldt-Rasmussen, B.; Frokiaer, J.; Gansevoort, R.; Garbis, S.; Garin, J.; Ghiggeri, G. M.; Gimenez, I.; Granier, C.; Goumenos, Dimitrios S.; Haylor, J. L.; Hilario, M.; Holthofer, H.; Kalousis, Alexandros; Kaski, S.; Knepper, M.; Korneti, P.; Kossida, Sophia A.; Langham, R.; Loftheim, H.; Lopez-Novoa, J.; Luider, T.; Magni, F.; Malats, N.; Martin, J. L.; Mayrhofer, C.; Monsarrat, B.; Mueller, G.; Nielsen, S.; Norling, M.; O'Connell, S.; Ortiz, A.; Perunicic-Pekovic, G.; Planelles, G.; Polenakovic, M.; Promponas, Vasilis J.; Rasic-Milutinovic, Z.; Rehulka, P.; Peter, K.; Righetti, P. G.; Ronco, P.; Ryan, M.; Sánchez-Carbayo, M.; Schanstra, J.; Semmes, J.; Sheehan, D.; Stenman, U. -H; Stodkilde-Jorgensen, L.; Tasic, V.; Theodorescu, D.; Thongboonkerd, V.; Toncheva, D.; Tsillibari, E.; Tsiotis, Georgios; Unwin, R.; Vanholder, R.; Vassilev, D.; Vickers, M. E.; Verhulst, A.; Vilasi, Annalisa; Vlahakos, D.; Vonk, R.; Wright, P. C.; Yamamoto, Tadashi; Yutaka, Y.; Zielenkiewicz, P. (2009)
      EuroKUP (Urine and Kidney Proteomics
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      Permeation profiles of potential urine-borne biomarkers of human presence over brick and concrete 

      Mochalski, Paweł; Agapiou, Agapios; Statheropoulos, Miltiades K.; Amann, Anton (2012)
      Headspace solid phase micro-extraction gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (SPME-GC-MS) analysis was performed over an in-house made filling chamber loaded with brick or concrete, mimicking a potential entrapment scene ...
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      Preliminary investigation of permeation profiles of selected head-space urine volatiles (2-Heptanone, n-Octanal) using IMS 

      Mochalski, Paweł; Buszewska, M.; Agapiou, Agapios; Statheropoulos, Miltiades K.; Buszewski, B.; Amann, Anton (2012)
      The late location of entrapped victims in collapsed buildings is the main reason of high mortality during urban search and rescue (USaR) operations after natural or man-made disasters. Consequently, an effort is currently ...
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      Preliminary investigation of using volatile organic compounds from human expired air, blood and urine for locating entrapped people in earthquakes 

      Statheropoulos, Miltiades K.; Sianos, Efstathios; Agapiou, Agapios; Georgiadou, A.; Pappa, Athina A.; Tzamtzis, N.; Giotaki, H.; Papageorgiou, Charalambos Ch; Kolostoumbis, D. (2005)
      A preliminary investigation on the possibility of using volatile organic compounds (VOCs) determination of expired air, blood and urine, for the early location of entrapped people in earthquakes, has been carried out. A ...
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      Separation of benzodiazepines using capillary electrochromatography 

      Kapnissi‐Christodoulou, Constantina P.; Warner, I. M. (2004)
      Benzodiazepines are often used for the treatment of epilepsy, convulsions, and many psychiatric disorders. The widespread use of this class of drugs has occasionally raised concern about recreational benzodiazepine abuse ...
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      Temporal profiling of human urine VOCs and its potential role under the ruins of collapsed buildings 

      Mochalski, Paweł; Krapf, K.; Ager, C.; Wiesenhofer, H.; Agapiou, Agapios; Statheropoulos, Miltiades K.; Fuchs, D.; Ellmerer, E.; Buszewski, B.; Amann, Anton (2012)
      Context: The scent profile of human urine was investigated as potential source of chemical markers of human presence in collapsed buildings after natural or man-made disasters. Objective: The main goals of this study were ...
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      Trace detection of endogenous human volatile organic compounds for search, rescue and emergency applications 

      Agapiou, Agapios; Amann, Anton; Mochalski, Paweł; Statheropoulos, Miltiades K.; Thomas, Charles Lawrence Paul (2015)
      Since Pauling's paper in the 1970s, interest has increased in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released from different bio-fluids, such as blood and urine. A number of VOCs reflect internal biochemical pathways occurring ...
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      Variable clinical presentation of an MUC1 mutation causing medullary cystic kidney disease type 1 

      Bleyer, A. J.; Kmoch, S.; Antignac, C.; Robins, V.; Kidd, K.; Kelsoe, J. R.; Hladik, G.; Klemmer, P.; Knohl, S. J.; Scheinman, S. J.; Vo, N.; Santi, A.; Harris, A.; Canaday, O.; Weller, N.; Hulick, P. J.; Vogel, K.; Rahbari-Oskoui, F. F.; Tuazon, J.; Constantinou-Deltas, Constantinos D.; Somers, D.; Megarbane, A.; Kimmel, P. L.; Sperati, C. J.; Orr-Urtreger, A.; Ben-Shachar, S.; Waugh, D. A.; Mcginn, S.; Bleyer Jr., A. J.; Hodaňová, K.; Vyletal, P.; Živná, M.; Hart, T. C.; Hart, P. S. (2014)
      Background and objectives The genetic cause of medullary cystic kidney disease type 1 was recently identified as a cytosine insertion in the variable number of tandem repeat region of MUC1 encoding mucoprotein-1 (MUC1), a ...