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      Nature and consequences of biological reductionism for the immunological study of infectious diseases 

      Rivas, A. L.; Leitner, G.; Jankowski, M. D.; Hoogesteijn, A. L.; Iandiorio, M. J.; Chatzipanagiotou, S.; Ioannidis, A.; Blum, S. E.; Piccinini, R.; Antoniades, Athos; Fazio, J. C.; Apidianakis, Yiorgos; Fair, J. M.; Van Regenmortel, M. H. V. (2017)
      Evolution has conserved "economic" systems that perform many functions, faster or better, with less. For example, three to five leukocyte types protect from thousands of pathogens. To achieve so much with so little, ...