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      White matter microstructural abnormalities in the frontal lobe of adults with antisocial personality disorder 

      Sundram, F.; Deeley, Q.; Sarkar, S.; Daly,Eileen M.; Latham, R.; Craig, Michael C.; Raczek, M.; Fahy, T.; Picchioni, M.; Barker, G. J.; Murphy,Declan G. M.; Bailey, Anthony J.; Baron-Cohen,Simon; Bolton, P. F.; Bullmore,Edward T.; Carrington, S.; Chakrabarti,B.; Daly,Eileen M.; Deoni,Sean C. L.; Ecker,C.; Happé,Francesca; Henty, Julian; Jezzard, Peter; Johnston,Patrick; Jones, D. K.; Lai,Meng-Chuan; Lombardo,Michael V.; Madden, A.; Mullins, D.; Murphy,Clodagh M.; Murphy,Declan G. M.; Pasco, Greg; Sadek,Susan A.; Spain,D.; Steward, R.; Suckling,John; Wheelwright,Sally J.; Williams,Steven C. R. (2012)
      Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) and psychopathy involve significant interpersonal and behavioural impairments. However, little is known about their underlying neurobiology and in particular, abnormalities in white ...