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      Dual-Band Compact Antenna for UHF and ISM Systems 

      Zahid, Salman; Quddious, Abdul; Tahir, Farooq A.; Vryonides, Photos; Antoniades, Marco; Nikolaou, Symeon (2019)
      A compact planar dual-band antenna for UHF and ISM bands is proposed. The antenna is fabricated on a 45 mm × 80 mm × 0.787 mm Rogers Duroid (R) 5880 substrate and is intended for use in Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) and ...
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      UWB antenna with dynamically reconfigurable notch band using rectenna and active booster 

      Quddious, Abdul; Abbasi, Muhammad Ali Babar; Tahir, Farooq A.; Antoniades, Marco A.; Vryonides, Photos; Nikolaou, Symeon (2019)
      In this study, an ultra-wideband (UWB) monopole antenna with a dynamically reconfigurable notch band, along with the associated RF-triggered power management unit (PMU) that enables the dynamic reconfigurability, are ...