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      Inquiry‐based learning and retrospective action: Problematizing student work in a computer‐supported learning environment 

      Xenofontos, Nikoletta A.; Hovardas, Tasos; Zacharia, Zacharias C.; deJong, Ton (2019-08-23)
      We examined student performance in a computer‐supported learning environment after students undertook, among others, a graphing task within an inquiry context. Students were assigned in two conditions: (a) Students were ...
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      Model-Based Inquiry in Computer-Supported Learning Environments 

      Hovardas, Tasos; Zacharia, Zacharias C.; Pedaste, Margus; de Jong, Ton (Springer International Publishing AG, 2018)
      This chapter focuses on model-based inquiry in computer-supported environments, especially through the use of the Go-Lab platform (www.golabz.eu). Go-Lab is an online learning platform that offers students the opportunity ...
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      Providing guidance in virtual lab experimentation: the case of an experiment design tool 

      Efstathiou, Charalampos; Hovardas, Tasos; Xenofontos, Nikoletta A.; Zacharia, Zacharias C.; deJong, Ton; Anjewierden, Anjo; van Riesen, Siswa A. N. (Springer US, 2018)
      The present study employed a quasi-experimental design to assess a computerbased tool, which was intended to scaffold the task of designing experiments when using a virtual lab for the process of experimentation. In ...
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      Using Virtual Labs in an Inquiry Context 

      Hovardas, Tasos; Xenofontos, Nikoletta; Zacharia, Zacharias C. (IGI Global, 2017)
      The present study employed two different Go-Lab tools. These tools were used by primary school students to carry out successive learning tasks during experimentation. The first tool assisted learners in formulating hypotheses, ...