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      Book Reviews 

      Baruchello, Giorgio; Castellani, Victor; Cmeciu, Camelia; Drugus, Liviu; Coury, David N.; Derks, Hans; Hochner, Nicole; Isackson, Peter; King, Matthew; Klobucka, Anna M.; Kurczynski, Karen; Leahy-Dios, Cyana; Moggach, Douglas; Morris, Stephen; Muller, Karis; Noonan, Jeff; Papastephanou, Marianna; Polka, Brayton; Raska, Francis D.; Richter, Duncan (2008)
      The article reviews several books including "The History of the Sevarambians: A Utopian Novel," by Denis Veiras, "Globalisation and Its Discontents: Writing the Global Culture," edited by Stan Smith, and "Plato's Fable: ...
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      Book Reviews 

      Bolus-Reichert, Christine; Bouldureanu, Daniel F.; Cristi, Renato; Dietrich, Donald J.; Erdinast-Vulcan, Daphna; Gold, Naomi; Immerfall, Stefan; Moore-Gilbert, Bart; Mucha, Janusz; Muller, Karis; Papastephanou, Marianna; Polka, Brayton; Ramirez-Montagut, Monica; Schwarz, Angela; Sherman, William H.; Shostak, Stanley; Stan, Lavinia; Strong, George V.; Style, John (2000)
      Reviews several books on European legacy. 'The Privatization Process: A Worldwide Perspective,' edited by Terry L. Anderson and Peter J., Hill; The Myth of the Renaissance in Nineteenth-Century Writing,' by J.B. Bullen; ...
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      Border encounters: How children navigate space and otherness in an ethnically divided society 

      Christou, Miranda; Spyrou, Spyros (2012)
      he article draws on ethnographic material from an ongoing study which explores 10- to 12-year-old Greek Cypriot children’s experiences of crossing to the north, the occupied part of Cyprus. By focusing on the act of crossing ...
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      Boron determination in a multi element national water monitoring program: the absence of legal limits 

      Loizou, Eleni; Kanari, Popi; Kyriacou, Georgia; Aletrari, Maria (2010)
      Directive 98/83/EC concerning the drinking water quality and Directive 80/777/EC for Natural Mineral Water demand strict control and monitoring for the presence of metals. The State General Laboratory as the official control ...
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      A 'bottom-up' approach to food web construction 

      Demetriou, Dorita; Korfiatis, Konstantinos J.; Constantinou, Constaninos P. (2009)
      The ability to comprehend trophic (nutritional) relationships and food web dynamics is an essential part of environmental literacy. However, students face severe difficulties in grasping the variety of causal patterns in ...
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      Breaking ground in cross-cultural research on the fear of being laughed at (gelotophobia): A multi-national study involving 73 countries 

      Proyer, R. T.; Ruch, W.; Ali, N. S.; Al-Olimat, H. S.; Amemiya, T.; Adal, T. A.; Ansari, S. A.; Arhar, P.; Asem, G.; Baudin, N.; Bawab, S.; Bergen, D.; Brdar, I.; Brites, R.; Brunner-Sciarra, M.; Carrell, A.; Dios, H. C.; Celik, M.; Ceschi, G.; Chang, K.; Guo-Hai, C.; Cheryomukhin, A.; Chik, M. P. Y.; Chlopicki, W.; Cranney, J.; Dahourou, D.; Doosje, S.; Dore, M.; El-Arousy, N.; Fickova, E.; Führ, M.; Gallivan, J.; Geling, H.; Germikova, L.; Giedraityte, M.; Goh, A.; González, R. D.; Ho, S. K.; Hrebícková, M.; Jaime, B.; Kaare, B. H.; Kamble, S.; Kazarian, S.; Kerkkänen, P.; Klementová, M.; Kobozeva, I. M.; Kovjanic, S.; Kumaraswamy, N.; Lamport, Mark A.; Liao, C. -C; Levesque, M.; Loizou, Eleni; Díaz Loving, R.; Lyttle, J.; MacHline, V. C.; McGoldrick, S.; McRorie, M.; Min, L.; Mõttus, R.; Munyae, M. M.; Navia, C. E.; Nkhalamba, M.; Pedrini, P. P.; Petkova, M.; Platt, T.; Popa, D. -E; Radomska, A.; Rashid, T.; Rawlings, D.; Rubio, V. J.; Sander, Angelle M.; Sarid, O.; Shams, S.; Sisokohm, S.; Smári, J.; Sneddon, I.; Snikhovska, I.; Stephanenko, E. A.; Stokenberga, I.; Stuer, H.; Tanoto, Y. S. R.; Tapia, L.; Taylor, J.; Thibault, P.; Thompson, A.; Thörn, H.; Toyota, H.; Ujlaky, J.; Vanno, V.; Wang, J.; Van Der Westhuizen, B.; Wijayathilake, D.; Wong, P. S. O.; Wycoff, E. B.; Yeun, E. J. (2009)
      The current study examines whether the fear of being laughed at (gelotophobia) can be assessed reliably and validly by means of a self-report instrument in different countries of the world. All items of the GELOPH (Ruch ...
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      Bubble Dialogue: Tools for supporting literacy and mind 

      Angeli, Charoula; Cunningham, Donald J. (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers, 1998)
      Bubble Dialogue, a computer software tool developed by the Language Development and Hypermedia Research Group (D. J. Cunningham et al, 1992), was intended to provide a language awareness support structure for the acquisition ...
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      Call for Papers 

      Angeli, Charoula; Valanides, Nicos (Sage Publications Inc, 2011)
      A call for papers on educational computing research is presented.
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      The Cambridge companion to Habermas - White,SK 

      Papastephanou, Marianna (1996)
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      Can autonomy be imposed? Examining teacher (re)positioning during the ongoing curriculum change in Cyprus 

      Philippou, Stavroula; Kontovourki, Stavroula; Theodorou, E. (2014)
      For the past few years, the Republic of Cyprus has been pursuing a major educational reform across all levels of mandatory education, focusing especially on curriculum change, for the implementation of which in-service ...
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      Can Schools Achieve Both Quality and Equity? Investigating the Two Dimensions of Educational Effectiveness 

      Kyriakides, Leonidas; Creemers, Bert P. M. (2011)
      This article investigates the extent to which schools can achieve both equity and quality. Data emerged from two effectiveness studies in teaching mathematics and Greek language, which were conducted to test the validity ...
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      Can Subjectivity Be Salvaged? 

      Papastephanou, Marianna (2005)
      Discourse on subjectivity reached its culmination in modernity. German Idealist accounts of self-reflection, Hegel and his "master-slave" narrative, and Husserl's transcendental ego exemplify this intensive interest in ...
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      Can the spontaneous and uncritical application of the linear model be questioned? 

      Modestou, Modestina; Gagatsis, Athanasios (2006)
      In this research paper we attempt to put in question students’ spontaneous and uncritical application of the simple and neat mathematical formula of linearity. This is impelled with the help of a written test, where students ...
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      The case of Cyprus and Germany. Results of the IEA civic education study 

      Papanastasiou, Constantinos; Koutselini, Mary; Papanastasiou, Elena (2003)
      Constantinos Papanastasiou, Mary Koutselini, Elena Papanastasiou This paper explores how democratic values are stimulated by predictors related to family and school. We began by posing a simple question: How can we best ...
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      A Case-Based Electronic Learning Environment for Preservice Teacher Education 

      Angeli, Charoula; Bonk, Curtis Jay; Supplee, Lauren; Malikowski, Steve R. (1998)
      This study took place within a teacher education program at a large Midwestern university with vast field observation placements around the state and the world. The purpose was to discover whether preservice teacher ...
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      Caught between worlds of expertise: Elementary teachers amidst official curriculum development processes in Cyprus 

      Theodorou, E.; Philippou, Stavroula; Kontovourki, Stavroula (2017)
      Against the background of a curriculum change in the Republic of Cyprus, this study focuses on teachers who volunteered to work along with academics and ministry officials in subject-area curriculum review committees to ...
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      CERME7 Working Group 4: Geometry teaching and learning 

      Kuzniak, Alain; Richard, Philippe; Gagatsis, Athanasios (2012)
      In the WG4 sessions, a consensus was agreed favouring a common approach and discussions on the following specific topics: educational goals and curriculum in geometry; use of geometrical figures and diagrams; and understanding ...
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      CERME7 Working Group 7: Mathematical potential, creativity and talent 

      Leikin, R.; Pitta-Pantazi, Demetra; Singer, F. M.; Ulovec, A. (2012)
      WG7 was a new CERME WG, whose purpose to draw the attention of the mathematics education community to the field of mathematical potential, creativity and talent, and to encourage empirical research that will contribute to ...
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      The changing role of the support teacher and the case of Cyprus: The opportunity for a cooperative teaching approach 

      Symeonidou, Simoni (2002)
      In this paper, the traditional role of the support teacher is analysed in regard to the individual pupil view, and it is then contrasted with the new role of the support teacher in regard to the curriculum view. The framework ...